Ulduar and the state of PVE

Now that the introductions are out of the way lets get to business!

Since WOTLK has come out I have to say I am happy and yet at the same time sad at the state of PVE. Having come from a very heavy PVE background I am happy to see a rejuvenated interest in general with PVE. Naxx60 and Sunwell were both guild killers, content that was so challenging it was practically impossible for most guilds to succeed in which really catered only to a small portion of the public. Now with easy/hard modes it’s allowed a lot more people to experience the content and increased the pool for which guilds to recruit from.

On the down side, there is definitely something to be said for the rush of being able to clear content. Trying to race to be the first on your server/faction. With all the dumbed down content it really doesn’t challenge players enough and their mediocrity tends to persist, without any drive to be better at what they do.

Since Ulduar has been released, I’ve had the priviledge of clearing it in 10 man and as of last night, up to General in 25 man. The instance itself is extremely rich in design and I must say it’s probably one of the better instances created so far to date. Some of the fights that have really been fun are XT, Hodir, Mimiron & Yogg Saron.

However, I’m personally not too impressed with the fact they within 2-3 weeks of release they’ve already decided to dumb down the first half of the instance to cater to the populace. The point of having new content is to experience new challenges, to grow as a player and as a guild. If you nerf content that fast, you might as well just release it in a nerfed state as regardless your top guilds will clear content. Catering to casuals is a good thing, but you have to give the population a chance to try it, get stuck then help them out.

That being said, as my guild comes to a close on easy mode content, hard mode will definitely be a much mroe significant challenge. I can only hope that we can get to it before Blizzard nerfs it again before we can try it in it’s current state. With that I leave you with a screenie!

Looks like meatloaf doesn't he?

4-29-2009 - Looks like meatloaf doesn't he?


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