Hard Mode Reflections

Our first hard mode night is over and I gotta say it was everything I expected it to be. Not everything went as planned but we got a few bonuses along the way. According to our plan last night, thing started off well, as we generally do as a strategy we try approach fights by doing achievements, and if things go wrong then we just kill the boss. That gives us the chance to score some achievements while not necessarily meaning to. We decided to skip Orbit-uary as we didn’t want to get cockblocked by the first boss. Instead we aimed for Unbroken (while I personally took a Siege Engine to get Three Car Garage). Things went as expected and even though our Siege Engines were 50% or less we still managed to kill FL. Just goes to show how easy this guy is.

We skipped Razorscale & Ignis and made a beeline for XT to do Heartbreaker. This is when things took a turn for the worse. To engage hard mode, you have to kill the his heart (Naturally you want to do this during the first heart @75%). Getting the heart down was a tight squeeze but doable, but after that we didn’t have too much success. Generally speaking we were fine until Tympanic Tantrum, the sheer raid damage increased by 40% with Light sparks running around was too much for our healers to handle. While we did make some headway with a solid strategy on how to deal with Light Sparks, our best attempt was a mere 80%. We spent around 2 hrs on it before we decided to move forward so as to not waste the whole night and fall too far behind. Till next week when we have a bit more experience and a bit more gear.

Next up we moved to Auriaya for Crazy Cat Lady. While it wasn’t a hard mode persay it was still part of the Meta achievement. Definitely one of the easier ones of the lot, 2 tanks, MT with Auriaya + 1 Sentry and an OT who took care of the Defender + 1 Sentry. First time around we were doing fine (12%) until we realized the debuff stack was at 13 on our OT and died. A quick switch to the strategy in having me taunt off the OT to have the stack reset and she was taken care of quickly. Building up some more momentum we motored over to Thorim for our 2nd Hard Mode Achievement, Lose your Illusion. Nothing different needs to be done differently aside from bringing the deeps and staying out of the lightning spam. Nothing more to say here except we 1 shot him, no Mjolner Runestone as I had hoped though 😦

The next step in our plan was to move to Hodir but our healer had to leave due to some personal reasons which was unexpected. As a result we decided to change our plan for Hodir and go for the Meta achievement, Getting Cold in Here. This achievement is nothing special aside from playing within the mechanics of the fight. A lot of vocal harassment on vent to make sure ppl get into the snow drifts and we got this one too (along with Cheese the Freeze). Lacking a real second tank and running out of time, we decided to go kill Freya normally and call it a night. However mid fight we decided what the hell why don’t we give Getting Back to Nature a try? We completely lucked out with the last spawn being an Ancient Protector. Having this guy up was a blessing as he doesn’t do very much aside wack the tank for a little bit of dmg. So we dragged the protector and Freya around until she died, bam another achievement!

So there you have it, that was our first night of hard mode achievements. We didn’t get to everything as we had wanted but overall it was a good night of fun & experience. The final tally for the night was 7 achievements (1 hard mode + 2 meta). More to come when we go back on Friday!


7/13 Complete

70 Points 1 Harde Mode 3 Meta

80 Points 1 Hard Mode 3 Meta


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