He Feeds On Your Tears… Or Does He?

Yesterday Blizzard made this announcement in regards to Algalon’s loot table:

Quote from: Valnoth (Source)
We made a hotfix yesterday to several hard mode loot tables in order to spread around Algalon’s weapon drops to make the items more accessible. Algalon still has loot that is unique to him, but the acquisition of the weapons in Ulduar won’t be so soul crushingly difficult and ultimately unfair to certain class/builds.

So it turns out that we don’t hate you.

Casuals win again : (

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not particularly happy with this change. My impression of the concept of Algalon was an encounter that was so difficult that it would cater strictly to your hardcore raiders, something to work towards. Generally speaking weapons are your greatest reward/status symbol so by sharing this with hard mode encounters, it somewhat defeats the purpose of Algalon. Sure, there will be other items that are Algalon unique but who cares if you have a BiS chest or leggings, where’s the e-peen?
Another train of thought would be, if weapons are available through hard mode encounters (which you are required to do anyways to get access to Algalon), what is the point of doing him in the first place? If majority of your upgrades can be found outside of Algalon, whats the point of trying to bash your head into an encounter for 1 hour a week?

For those who truly enjoy PVE this change won’t make a difference, personally I’m really looking forward to sporting a Starcaller or Herald of the Titans title. But not everyone is of the same mindset and if the reward isn’t worth the work/risk I forsee a lot of players giving up.


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