More than one way to spec a cat

Not much to report today aside from a whole lot of wiping on Yogg Saron 25 last night (qq).

Instead today I thought I’d make a post specific to cat dps specs and how you can utilize your talents more effectively depending on raid composition. I will outline what I personally refer to as a 10 man vs 25 man spec and the logic behind the choices. Needless to say I am not the end all and be all of talent choices but I would gladly like to hear some counterarguments as to why someone would spec differently.

*** I’ll put the disclaimer here that this discussion is primarily on your last few talent point choices and assumes that you understand that 66 of your 71 talent points are locked into core cat talents.***

25 Man Spec (0/55/16)

Key Choices

Now, if you are in a raid that happens to have a second feral druid (MT/OT) or has an arms warrior (oh hey, I’m in that kind of raid!) then this is the spec for you. Since both iLOTP and iMangle are provided elsewhere, you can utilize those talents to provide greater buffs to your dps. Specifically speccing 3/3 Feral Instinct grants 30% additional swipe dps which is a huge buff on trash. It also can be useful in boss fights that require AOE. Personally I prefer to drop the last 2 points into Survival Instincts and 1 into Nurturing Instincts because as we progress you’re bound to run into some sticky situations. Being able to hit an “oh shit” button + increased healing on you is a nice to have as you learn fights and for fights that have a lot of raid dmg. I feel that as my guild progresses and there’s less wiping and more just clearing instances, I may move those last 2 points elsewhere but I think for the moment, they are the best option.

10 Man Spec (0/55/16)

Key Choices

The reason why I call this a “10 man” spec is because essentially it should be used when there is no one else in the raid to provide these raid buffs (which tends to happen more in a 10 man raid). Unless you are lucky enough to be in a melee heavy group (sup Sarth3d?) more than like you’ll be the only person available to spec these talents. You lose the suggested talent above but iLOTP is great for progression of fights/hard modes and naturally less energy spent on Mangle is more energy spent on shredding!

With the new additional of dual specialization, this can give the oppourtunity to have two different cat specs depending on what type of raid you are in. Naturally most feral druids will offspec tanking but for those fortunate enough to never have to tank, this is a great way to push your dps a little higher to help the progression of your guild/raid


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