Gimme that Cache

After a relatively successful week of hard modes last week, we began our 2nd week of hard mode ulduar10 attempts.

A lot of lessons learned from last week gave us a different way to approach the instance. Instead of bashing our heads against encounters that could be made a lot easier with additional gear, we decided to attack ones that are more time/skill based rather than gear based. This week we started with Orbit-uary where the only requirement for success is to have high ilevel gear. Vehicle health/damage for this encounter scale directly based on the ilevel of your gear. So no matter how much more gear you get over time, if the ilevel is the same you’ve already maxed out. Unfortunately we didn’t make too much headway with this but we did managed to kill FL with 2 towers up. We decided to push forward rather than wasting too much time on the first boss in the instance.  Next on the chopping block? Hodir.

Hodir Hard Mode – I Could Say That Cache was Rare

  • Defeat Hodir in 3 minutes or less

This is nothing more than a timed fight, there are no additional abilities/hp/adds etc it’s just a matter of executing quickly. There are several things that must be done to ensure you have the dps/buffs to make this possible:

General Tips

  • Do it with 1 tank/2 healers/7 dps, no reason to take more than 2 healers and the extra dps slot is 100% necessary
  • Your MT needs to kite around Starlight (100% haste) light beams to maximize dps. While your casters can reach this whever they are, melee are much more dependent on your tank
  • Anyone that gets buffed with Storm Cloud (135% critical strike damage) should run through the whole raid to apply the buff to everyone in the raid
  • When Hodir Flash Freezes, your MT should kite to a nearby Snowdrift so that your melee dps can continue to attack

Kitty Tips

  • Starlight is nice but Storm Cloud is far better, that should be your priority buff to obtain
  • If you have a 5 cp rip ticking already w/o Storm Cloud reapply when you get the buff, you’ll do a lot more dmg

All of these suggestions/tips are something you should do anyways regardless of hard or easy mode as it helps to speed up the fight. In regards to difficulty it probably on par with Thorim and we actually completed this on our 2nd try. This leaves us with 2 keeper hard modes down with 2 more (Auriaya/Mimiron) before we can unlock Algalon. I think the next hard mode we will work on will most likely be Freya as that seems like the next easiest. But with 25 man taking up so much time, it’s hard to find the time to put in real attempts into 10 man hard modes. Hopefully once Yogg Saron is dead in 25 man (it better be this week dammit) we can spend 2-3 days on 10 man.

I think as this blog grows I’m going to add more discussions into hard modes/meta achievements as I find there’s really not much out there so far and we’re learning a lot of the strategies on our own. I’ll try and backtrack and discuss the previous ones we did over the next week or so.



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