Meatloaf for 25 – Yogg Saron Dead

We did it! That lumpy peice of shit is finally dead. While the 10 man version of Yogg Saron is pretty easy to tackle (if executed properly), the 25 man version is definitely a lot more challenging and requires a lot more from everyone participating. I’m proud to say that we pulled it together to finally get him down on our 2nd week of attempts and 4th night overall.

Congrats Daybreak!

Congrats Daybreak! Can you spot the Kitty Kat?

There are lot of little things that players can do to help make the kill easier. I’ll try and outline as many tips as I can below with a few feral specific tips as well. For those who are still working on YS, best of luck, it’s definitely one of my favorite fights in Ulduar & WOTLK in general. It reminds me of C’thun from the good ol days, where not only does it require strong raid dps, but there is a lot of execution required. If anyone else has tips to contribute back to me I’d love to hear them as well.

General Tips

  • P1: To minimize cloud failure, we have the raid stack at the entrance and use our 3 tanks to cycle add back and forth from the door to Sara. The only danger being bringing Guardians too low before they can hit Sara. Make sure your dps is called off (we called off at 40%) and have a few casters (with a dispeller) near the middle to finish off adds
  • P2: Group up as much as possible, no reason to spread out and it keeps all the hentai tentacles close together
  • P2: If your melee are missing portals, try and assign quadrants to move to. It seems completely logical and easy to get to your portals but this ensures you don’t have 10 melee trying to hit the same portal and potentially missing them.
  • P2: Melee need to focus fire corruptors. As you all pop out of the brain, group up and hit the same corruptors to bring them down faster. The more spread out you are, the more corruptors you have up at 30-40% throughout the whole room.
  • P3: Have your melee on the guardians, having natural AOE is a huge help to control adds. We never had more than 2 up at a time throughout the entirety of p3. We actually tried with casters on adds first but found they would fall behind too fast. Warn your ret pallies/dks to be careful not to pull guardians too early with their AOE, which happened to our ret pally on multiple occasions.

Feral Tips

  • P1: Don’t bother trying to drop huge amounts of dps on P1. I dropped a rake + 2-3cp rip at most and tried to interrupt Dark Volley to help our healers.
  • P1: At the end of phase 1/beginning of phase 2 look to see who needs your innervate. It will be up again by the time phase 3 comes around.
  • P2: The “back” of Yogg Saron’s brain is “The Tortured Champion” vision side. No matter what vision you come out of, you can put your back to this vision and you can shred to your heart’s delight.
  • P2: As you enter the brain via portals, pop your Tiger’s Fury as early as possible. This will help to ensure that it will be up again as soon as you get into the brain so you can unload.
  • P2: Pop your Berserk on the first brain transition. It will help to reduce the # of brain phases that are required (we average 3) and it will be up again by the time P3 hits.
  • P2: Always apply your dots, then reapply just before you leave the brain. We generally had anywhere between 30-45s per brain phase, so by the time you run out of time your dots will be falling off. Reapplying before you leave ensures they continue to tick until the next portal phase.
  • P3: Nothing much to say here except kill on sight!

The best news from all of this is, no more four day 25 man raid weeks! Yes that’s right, we have excess time now to focus in on hard modes in Ulduar10 which we are planning to do tonight. Look for some more reports on Freya/Mimiron soon 🙂

ps. Guess which kitty now has 4pt8 ^^




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