Appease Lord Consumablars

One of the most challenging things in raiding is to find 25 competent, consistent & dedicated raiders to pull together and work towards a common goal. Contrary to popular believe, WOW is a game and not a job and to ask for everyone to be at their best always is a challenging task.

One of the most difficult things I find is ensuring that everyone is using consumables for progression nights. I completely understand that consumables are not necessary for farm nights because who doesn’t want to save some gold? But on a progression night where we’re trying to push the envelope and every little bit counts, it’s absolutely a must.

I stumbled upon an excellent addon (in my frustration in between wipes with guildies not using consumables) that actually identifies users who are not using consumables (flasks/elixirs & food buffs). Gone are the days of having to click on each user and look for buffs. This nifty addon will display in raid chat every guilty culprit who is trying to go unnoticed and fly under the radar. Worked great for us, hope it works for you

Behold! Check for Consumables

On a side note, thanks to Runy over at Unbearably HoT for the link and publicity for my fledging blog. I hope the folks that came to take a peek like what they’ve seen and will continue to read in the future. Not much to report in from the hard mode front except that we’ve been working on Freya and did complete Knock, Knock on Wood. All 3 will take a bit more work and coordination which I’ll report on once it’s complete!


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