Freya lost her woody

Its been a while since I’ve commented on our 10 man hard mode progression. Mainly due to some conflicts within our group where a few guys decided they stopped caring and didn’t feel it was important enough to tell us (while still coming to raids). This resulted in us squandering two weeks of raids due to lack of attendance/commitment etc. This week we decided to start fresh and rejig the group and get it back into focus. We made a beeline straight for Freya and the move paid off as we completed Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood in 2 tries! I believe it might have been nerfed (-25% dmg I think?) but I can’t find the confirmation blue post, I’ll add it when I find it.

Freya Hard Mode – Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood

  • Elder Brightleaf – The essence of Elder Brightleaf increases Magic damage dealt by Freya and her Allies of Nature by 50%. Freya also gains the ability to cast Solar Flare, a nuke that may hit multiple targets.
  • Elder Stonebark – The essence of Elder Stonebark increases physical damage dealt by Freya by 50%. Freya also gains the ability to cast Ground Tremor, a 2 second cast, 100 yard AoE that deals a large amount of physical damage and interrupts spellcasts, locking out interrupted spell schools for 8 seconds.
  • Elder Ironbranch – The essence of Elder Ironbranch increases Physical damage dealt by Allies of Nature by 50%. Freya also gains the ability to cast Iron Roots, a single target root with a large DoT component.

Again as usual, lets try and break this down and provide some general and kitty tips.

General Tips

  • Ground Tremor is more than likely the #1 cause of wipes. Make sure your healers have Freya on focus or use a mode like Deadly Boss Mods to notify you of when this is incoming. It has a 2s cast timer so there’s no reason why your healers should get locked out. Failbot is also great for identifying who is the culprit if it happens.
  • Detonating Lashers – Everyone should group up on Freya and aoe to bring them down as fast as possible. The key though is to spread out at a certain % and kill them independently so that you don’t wipe yourselves in the process. Depending on what sources of AOE you have, you may want to stop at a higher %.
  • Elemental Adds – Casters should attack the Snaplasher, while melee deal with the Storm Lasher and Ancient Water Spirit. Rather than splitting dps, melee all focus the Storm Lasher first down to 20% then switch to the Water Spirit. Once they are all down to below 20% we group up and aoe them down. I’ve read some people try and lockdown the Storm Lasher & Ancient Water Spirit but I don’t think it’s necessary.
  • Ancient Conservator – Nothing special here, he is business as usual.
  • Eonar’s Gift – We have ranged deal with the trees as it’s really inefficient for melee to run around trying to find them (Especially if the Conseravtor is up).
  • Iron Roots – Most dps classes can deal with this themselves but again we have ranged dps assist to free ppl

Kitty Tips

  • When engaging Freya, get 4-5 combo points up quickly to put Savage Roar up before the first set of adds spawn. If you have time inbetween packs, you can reapply SR in the same fashion.
  • When the Ancient Conservator spawns, he takes a few seconds to cast Conservator’s Grip, in this period of time you can get a few combo points up. Just be careful not to pull aggro ^^
  • When Detonating Lahsers spawn, swipe to your hearts delight, just be ready to slow down if you see they are getting too low too fast
  • When to pop Berserk? There really is no oppourtune time to do this. You can do this early and late in the fight. I would probably suggest you pop berserk on Detonating Lahsers then again when Freya hits P2.

A lot of people like to say this is like Sarth3D but it really isn’t. Each keeper that you leave up provides additional buffs (as seen above) but you don’t have to deal with the keepers directly which makes it completely different from Sarth. The fight is not so much different from easy mode as really it only differs by 3 new abilities. If your healers can learn to manage the Ground Tremor the remaining 2 are very manageable.


Next up? Mimiron 🙂


5 Responses to “Freya lost her woody”

  1. 1 shaydwyrm June 7, 2009 at 8:19 am

    Grats on getting Freya hard mode down!

    My just started working on this, and while we dealt with the lashers and conservator okay, the trio gave us much more trouble. Our dps was slower than usual (or do they have more health with three elders up?), and dps would sometimes get hit by both the storm lasher bolt and the water spirit charge and just get completely wrecked with the damage buff.

    Did you use two tanks for this or just one? And did you tank snaplasher at all, or were your ranged able to stack the debuff quickly enough to kite him from the beginning? How many healers did you use?

    Our group has just started working on hard modes really, but we had no issues with Steelbreaker, XT, Hodir or Thorim, so I’m guessing we just need to get organized correctly for this one and we’ll be able to do it.

    • 2 Vallen June 8, 2009 at 1:36 pm

      Hi Shaydwyrm,

      We used 2 tanks (DK MT + Prot War OT) and 3 healers (Shammy/Druid/Pally)

      We had casters hit the snaplasher while melee handled the storm/water adds. Tank builds initial aggro then kites while the range dps finish it off. Only one tank is required to build initial aggro. Even if range dps pulls off the tank it should be slowed enough that your range dps can kite as well. If the storm/water adds are causing problems get some of your dps to interrupt their casts to reduce the overall raid damage.

      Hope this helps!

  2. 3 shaydwyrm June 14, 2009 at 2:11 am

    Bwahaha we got it 🙂

    The trio was our biggest hurdle, but once our rogue/dps dk got the interrupts down we had it managed. The key for us turned out to be locking down the water spirit, since it was knocking back melee and bringing down our dps a lot.

    Mimiron however…yeah. That’s going to take some work. Our MT is having trouble living through the buffed plasma blast atm, so we haven’t even seen phase 2…

  3. 4 Mitch June 15, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    We’re having Ground Tremor troubles atm too. We did +1 the week before and went straight for +3 and could never get out of the first three rounds of adds. So we killed the Ground Tremor tree and one shot with two. I think with our normal priest we use (who is super geared, compared to the priest we were using that has half of his stuff from heroics/naxx10) we should get it next week.

    Mimiron . . . . . Oy.

  4. 5 Vallen June 15, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    Try using DBM (if they aren’t already) as it flashes your screen blue and screams at you to stop healing. Even if your healers are tunnel visioning they will still be able to see the DBM warnings.

    Agree to shay & mitch, mimiron has been very fun so far.

    I found some fantastic videos to demonstrate good vs bad fire management which we’re trying to employ. Once we actually down him I’ll write something up.

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