Finally, a hotfix that Blizz got right

Nothing particular to post today but I read a few interesting articles that I thought I would share.

1) Freya Hard Mode gets hotfixed

It was posted yesterday that a guild named Something Diabolical managed to zerg Freya hard mode down without having to deal with the mechanics of the fight (aka adds). You can read about it further here. This naturally is a flashback to Sarth3D where guilds were ignoring all the drakes and getting their plagued proto drakes just prior to 3.1. Personally this annoyed be quite a bit as that was by far the most challenging fight in the game (at the time) and seeing a lot of punks getting their plagued proto just didn’t seem quite right. At the time Blizzard did nothing to fix this but this time around it seems they decided to do something about it. Cudos to Blizz to keeping the integrity of the challenge in tact.

Quote from: Bornakk (Source)

  • The additional healing Freya receives, through the Attuned to Nature buff, has been increased.

While the strat doesn’t work anymore, here is the vid of their zerg kill

2) Game Fuel Video

The new mountain dew game fuel has a commercial out now. Wonder what class the NE is?

3) Updated Cat Models

This is a little old but might as well add to my smorgasbord of posts, def want these models instead of the ones Blizzard announced!


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