This post has been a bit delayed but a few weeks ago we killed the Flame Leviathan hard mode (Orbit-uary) which consists of leaving  all four towers of FL’s defensive towers up. While previously it was a very RNG based fight which required a bit of luck, it has since been nerfed (as all content in Ulduar) and probably is now in line with where it should be in terms of hard mode progression being as it is the first hard mode people should encounter.

Flame Leviathan Hard Mode – Orbit-uary

Vehicle Reponsibilities

  • Seige Engine Driver: Interrupt Flame Vents
  • Seige Engine Turret: Kill Freya Adds and shoot down Pyrite
  • Demolisher Driver: Ensure pyrite is rolling (10 stack) at all times and launching player onto Flame Levithan to induce shutdown.
  • Demolisher Turret: Kill Freya Adds and pickup Pyrite
  • Chopper: Pick up launched players and drop oil slicks

General Strategy

  • The vehicles used should be 2 Demolishers, 2 Seige Engines and 1 Chopper, in other words 1 demolisher will have 1 person loaded to start, and another person in the passenger side. 1 Chopper should be empty.
  • Only 1 caster should be launched onto Flame Leviathan at a time and should kill both turrets alone. This will allow both demolishers to have someone picking up pyrite at all times, ensuring pyrite can continue rolling throughout the whole fight
  • After the first shutdown, the person (caster) who was previously in the passenger turret should load up and be launched, while at the same time, the chopper picks up the person that was previously launched and is brought back to the demolisher to continue picking up pyrite.
  • An excellent diagram of positioning is located here

General Tips

  • Use the highest ilevel gear you have (regardless of spec/gems/enchants etc). Vehicle HP and damage done is based entirely on your total ilevel of your gear.
  • During your learning process, do not repair!!! Broken gear (0% durability) will still give you the same amount of hp/damage done.
  • Before the fight starts, start shooting down Pyrite (lasts 3 mins now) so that there is ample supply for pickup
  • It is the demolisher drivers responsibility to be aware of where pyrite is available and to drive to those areas
  • If your demolisher is being chased, use boost often, it is possible to boost turn and keep your pyrite stack rolling
  • You should always have two people in the demolisher passenger seat picking up pyrite
  • People in turrets should never attack Flame Leviathan as the damage is minimal, their focus should always remain on killing freya adds & shooting down pyrite/picking up pyrite.



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