Self destruct sequence finallized. override code A905.

Summer is here which has made it extremely challenging to continue with a heavy raid schedule. Many people (including myself) have IRL commitments outside of wow and it has cut down on our progression time. However I am finally happy to report that we’ve completed Mimiron’s hard mode, Firefighter. Unfortunately we were not able to do so prior to the nerfs on 6/25/09 (which did make it a lot more manageable). We did put in quite a few hours on the pre nerfed Mimiron but we were only able to steadily get into p3 with a few p4 attempts. With the recent nerfs, we went back in on Tuesday and we 1 shot him which was quite the shock to us. The fight has been simplified significantly and with the prior hard mode experience it made a lot easier.

Mimiron Hard Mode – Firefighter

  • Activates Emergency Mode – Increases Mimiron’s health by 25%
  • Enrage timer of 10 minutes
  • Every 30s Flame patches spawn near random players (a la Archimonde)
  • Once flame patches spawn, they creep towards the nearest player
  • All prior mechanics still exist in the hard mode form and fun things like Shock Blast, Proximity Mines, Rocket Strikes and P3Wx2 Laser Barrage still need to be avoided.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, each phase has unique additions that must be handled.

  • P1: After the first two Plasma Blasts, Flame Suppressant will be activated. This will help to put out all the fires that are currently in the room, however the drawback is it will slow the casting time of all your raid members by 50% for 8 seconds.
  • P2: The new ability in this phase is Frost Bomb. Every 45s, this will be dropped in a random area in the room which will explode after 10s dealing damage to nearby players. The positive is that it will extinguish the fires within 30 yards. As well, there is a pulse within melee range to remove fire directly underneath mimiron.
  • P3: Emergency Fire Bot: These little guys spawn from blue beams in phase 3 which run around and put out fire within 15 yards of them. While they are neutral if they are attacked, they become aggressive and cast Water Spray which a nasty knockback (which ineveitably knocks you into fire).
  • P4: Is very similar to normal mode phase 4 with the exception of Frost Bombs continuing to spawn. The only way to remove fire is to leave up Emergency Fire Bot to manage fires (which can be dangerous).

General Strategy/Tips

Although there are new abilities across the board in each phase, the key to this fight is fire management. The fire is what really causes problems as they are randomized (on different players) and can significantly hinder your ability to handle other abilities and mechanics of the fight if improperly managed.

  • During each transition, group up to localize all the fire spawns in the same location. This will help to maximize the free room available to you through each phase. The location to drop your fires can be changed for each transition, depending on what areas of the room are free of fire.
  • Ranged should stand as close as possible to fires without being hit by fires. This will help to reduce the amount of creep from the fires with again will increase the available room to you.
  • Do not hit the Emergency Fire Bot’s as they are quite helpful throughout phase 3/4. Natural AOE may (and most likely) will eventually hit them in which case it is up to your ranged dps to quickly dispose of them before they aoe knockback your raid into the fires.
  • Get away from Frost Bombs!

Kitty Tips

  • Survival is more important than dps, if mimiron is completely engulfed in flames, do not try and dps
  • Use your innervate early, so that it can be re-used late in the fight
  • Berserk in phase 2 so that you can do it again in phase 4
  • During phase 1, make sure your tank gives you enough room to dps behind (stay ahead of the fire), be vocal to make sure he/she knows you need more room. You can Shred Mimiron from to the side to some extent so make use of the room you have before calling for more.
  • During phase 2, don’t sit in fire, if there is no room to dps, get out and wait for the pulse to remove fires. If the only room to dps is in front of Mimiron, give up your shreds and mangle him in front.
  • During phase 3, your priority remains Assault Bot > Mimiron, just remember to move out if a Frost Bomb spawns in melee range. When the ACU is brought down, only attack if you can do so without standing in fires.

Overall, definitely the most fun and interesting hard mode to date. I am really disappointed that we weren’t able to kill this prior to the most recent set of nerfs as it was one of the most challenging hardmodes in the instance. Regardless it is still quite fun and will probably continue to give a lot of groups a lot of issues. With the completion of Firefighter, my group is down to it’s last achievement One Light in the Darkness (I still need I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning, I missed that raid). We’ll be heading back to Ulduar on Friday and with a bit of luck I am hoping to report back as the proud owner of a Rusted Proto Drake, and hopefully some insights on the Algalon fight as well.


Edit: Looks like there is another nerf again which should make easy and hard mode easier and accessible to more players.


  • In the Mimiron encounter, the abilities Rapid Burst and Hand Pulse no longer cause spell pushback.
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