Nightlight in the Darkness

Continuing with my series of hard mode posts, today I’d like to discuss Yogg Saron’s hard mode, One Light in the Darkness. One light naturally meaning keeping 1 keeper up out of the 4. This is not the hardest possible hardmode for Yogg Saron which is actually 0 keepers up, but for the meta achievement only YS+1 is required. However, YS+0 was recently acccomplished by Stars a China guild playing on Taiwan servers. If you’d like to read up on how they did it, the article is here up on MMO-Champion.

Yogg Saron Hard Mode – One Light in the Darkness

To successfully accomplish this achievement you need to activate Thorim while keeping Freya/Mimiron and Thorim inactive.

General Strategy/Kitty Tips

Essentially this fight is no different than if you were to do this fight with 4 keepers up. The different really being execution and efficiency in which you perform the fight. The only essential buff is Titanic Storm to kill Immortal Guardians. Without this, you would get overwhelmed and inevitiably wipe. You might think that Freya is necessary for sanity, but the faster you get through each phase, the less important sanity becomes.

  • Burn through the brain phase as fast as possible, the more dps you can do, the more likely you can get through phase 2 in 1 transition. We weren’t able to (in 1 brain phase) but we were still to make the kill so it is possible to survive through more than one brain phase without sanity wells. Icecrown vision is ideal for a quick brain phase if you’re lucky!
  • Watch your sanity! You should never get into a situation where you’d go insane pre phase 3. Once in phase 3 if you’re low and you’re dps’ing YS, switch to dps’ing Immortals (with your back facing YS). Have someone who has higher sanity to switch with you.
  • Berserk as soon as you get into the brain, you want to get down to 30% as fast as possible. Your berserk may be up again in phase 3 but regardless it’s more important to get out of Phase 2 which eats a lot of your sanity.

Considering Yogg Saron is the last boss in the instance (excluding Algalon) you’d think the hard mode for this encounter would be significantly harder but really I would rank this near the difficulty of Heartbreaker. Remember, this fight is no different than YS+4, execute efficienctly and it’s a walk in the park.



1 Response to “Nightlight in the Darkness”

  1. 1 darksend July 22, 2009 at 2:50 am

    2 brain phases is ideal

    on our 0 watchers we did the SW zone with 54 seconds remaining and got him to 34% so I supposed it is possible to do it in 1 phase with 1 watcher but it makes it cleaner if you do it in 2 and have the brain between 40-35% and 40 seconds left to do that 5% to make sure everything is clean outside

    This fight is 100% dependent on your inside group so you must have a really good 4 people in your raid (as I do) thus ranking it as easy. But this is actually very hard for some people either because of phase 3 tank screwups or people being bad at managing sanity (in 25 man i went into phase 3 with 16 and my offtank went in with 8 he went insane almost immediately. I had 8 sanity when he died around 25% and never took another tick and no one else died the rest of the phase)

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