First Look: Algalon

Last night we put in our first hour of attempts into Algalon. Once we got past the “ohhs” and “ahhs” of the momentus occasion and the multitude of screenshots, we got to work.

The fight itself (which I’ll discuss once he’s dead) is very mechanical and purely based on execution. I really wish (something I discussed previously here) they didn’t make the hard mode boss “hard” due to the fact that you have a one hour timer. If you can learn to execute the transitions of the fight, it wouldn’t take you very long to make the kill. I would have much preferred a fight that was so complex and challenging that you could ram your head into the wall for hours upon hours and not kill him. That is what makes something hard, not a timer!

With time against us, we rushed through as many attempts as we could. After a solid hour of attempts and one minute left on our timer we decided to go back in and go for another attempt. While we don’t have enough time to make the kill before he departs, perhaps he won’t disappear if you engaged him right? WRONG! midway through our attempt he went passive and decided he was done playing with us (lol)

Algalon the Observer’s Ascend to the Heavens hits Vallen for 6910 Arcane.(712748 Overkill)

Overall a fun first day, our best attempts so far range in the 65% area after the first big bang but the healing definitely needs to get worked out as he is smashing our poor tanks into oblivion. 😦

Getting ready to unlock Algalon

Getting ready to unlock Algalon

Blood Elf Raid?

Blood Elf Raid?

The four keeper sigils unlocking Algalon's door

The four keeper sigils unlocking Algalon's door

"Stand back, mortals. I am not here to fight you."

"Stand back, mortals. I am not here to fight you."


3 Responses to “First Look: Algalon”

  1. 1 Anonymous July 13, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    We will have our 3rd go at him tonight in 10 man. pretty easy fight to tank, taunt after 4 punchs, save cool downs if you get to eat the big bang. Looking forward to 20% phase to see how the adds go.

    Melee and ranged dps way easy, move away from the big red circle, enter a portal every 90 seconds.

    Ranged dps on the stars has a bit more of a challange, to make sure they are killed fast enough and not killed at a time when the raid or tank is low on health.

    Healers, I would put this as the hardest fight in the game to heal, good luck. Big AL doesnt hit like a truck he hits like two trucks. We have the best geared warrior tank on our server, but it seems like he is wearing greens. Plus the raid damage of stars blowing up, 16k to everyone and the splash damage from the meteors 4k ish, and the cubes hitting people. Good luckand god speed.

    1st week – we got him to around 70%, the 2nd tank(me) went full retard and some how manged to tank the entire night in kitty spec. Dont need to say anything more there do I? 😦

    2nd week – Never made it to the 2nd big bang, did get him below 60% on a few atempts.

    3rd try is tonight

    • 2 Vallen July 14, 2009 at 11:29 am

      We seemed to make good progress from wiping instantly (sigh healers) to getting past first big bang consistently. The problem is naturally healing mana there’s no way they would have made it through the whole fight at the rate in which they were shitting their mana out. I really hate fights that I can’t significantly change the outcome and need to rely on others to make the difference.

      On a side note, you might have noticed I changed my offspec to Resto (*puke*). Due to timing and whatnot, I was needed to heal IC/Gen hard modes and maybe even Algalon this week QQ

  2. 3 Mitch July 13, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    We tried him once last week, haven’t had time for a second attempt yet (still need to find time for one light in the darkness for our mounts! grats on yours, btw).

    Never got it to a second big bang either, but it just seemed like a two check: 1) ‘how many shit tons of healing can you heal per second’ check and 2) ‘how well your ranged dps can watch raid frames and kill’ check. (I would assume people have already learned not to stand in red stuff)

    Will just take time and practice, sadly time is not something they give -_-

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