Last Call: Grunty the Murloc Marine

We are now officially less than 1 week away from Blizzcon 2009 where the word on the street is there will be an announcement of the next expansion codenamed Cataclysm.

In the interim, if you couldn’t afford tickets/couldn’t get tickets or just plain don’t live in California, you still have a chance to get this year’s in game pet.  As I originally posted (here) about Gruny the Murloc Marine, this year is different from all other Blizzcon years in that you will be able to obtain the pet by purchasing the online feed of Blizzcon through DirectTV. I’ve already placed my order and while I may sit down and watch a little bit of the stream, really I’m just interested in getting the pet. It’s a hefty sum to pay ($39.95 USD) but it sure beats paying for a full Blizzcon ticket + Flight + Hotel + Misc expenses! Finally for those who are wondering when you’ll receive the pet, they will be distributed 6-8 weeks after Blizzcon.

Order now while you can! There’s always a chance that they may shut it down early if they feel there’s been too many subscriptions. Better safe than sorry.


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