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Some of the most frustrating achievements can in the end be some of the most gratifying.

One of the achievements that I had pretty much given up on was Accomplished Angler. The primary reason behind this was the difficulty of Master of Angler of Stranglethorn. On my previous home of Warsong where the population is 3:1 Horde: Alliance with a total of close to 20,000 people on the server, there was ALWAYS someone trying to get this achievement. Not to mention all the horde that would run around ganking ppl b/c they knew it was prime time for world PVP. The last time I worked on this meta  achievement was in January so that was almost 8 months ago when I completed Deadliest Catch.

8 months hiatus on the meta :(

8 months hiatus on the meta 😦

Accomplished Angler

Ever since moving to Auchindoun which is a significantly less populated server, I had been wanting to go out and give this a try again but weekends have always been a busy time for myself. Finally I found a free weekend and went to go give it a shot and sure enough 18 mins past 2pm and I won the contest! This left me with only 2 more achievements left to complete the meta, Mr. Pinchy’s Magical Crawdad Box and One that Didn’t Get Away. Both of which I had worked on but given up on long time ago. With my new momentum from winning the contest I ran over to the Fjords and went for a Dark Herring. From my research this seems to be the easiest one to catch of the bunch. Not to mention that it actually yields useful fish/items and gives you a chance at Turtles All the Way Down. I exclusively fished schools and flew all over the Fjords so there was no particular strategy aside from sticking to the pools and it seems to have paid off I got my herring after 316 casts. The breakdown was:

  • Fangtooth Herring  52.2%
  • Pygmy Suckerfish  43.0%
  • Reinforced Crate  2.8%
  • Crystallized Water  1.6%
  • Dark Herring  0.3%

Not to bad to be honest, it could have been a lot worse. So now I’m down to 1 more to get my title, should I go for it? OF COURSE! Off to Skettis! Back in TBC days I used to farm for Mr Pinchy quite extensively while farming for Furious Crawdad for raiding food. I really wish I had to stats on this from back then but unfortunately I don’t and I can only say that I was definitely over a thousand fish caught up in Skettis. The real limiter here is that the pools do not respawn as fast as they do out in Northrend so if you’re quick you end up flying around waiting for respawns which is exactly what happened to me. Although it took me longer (due to the respawns) it seems that luck was definitely on my side today as after 98 casts I got my Mr. Pinchy! The breakdown was:

  • Furious Crawdad  55.1%
  • Golden Darter  19.4%
  • Mote of Water 10.2%
  • Curious Crate  6.1%
  • Inscribed Scrollcase  4.1%
  • Huge Spotted Feltail  2.0%
  • Enormous Barbed Gill Trout 1.0%
  • Goldenscale Vendorfish  1.0%
  • Mr Pinchy  1.0%

So after 8 months of avoiding this, in 3.5 hours I managed to finish off the meta and get my new Salty title! Just goes to show, you never know with these RNG type achievements. Sometimes you can farm/fish for months and get nothing and sometimes you get really lucky like I did today. For those who are still working on this, all I can say is patience, don’t give up and just keep at it and sooner or later it will happen. Also Fishing Buddy is an excellent addon to track your fishing stats to see how much you’ve fished. I really wish I had lifetime stats but alas the stats are only for today.

Accomplished Angler2

Salty Vallen & Mr Pinchy

Salty Vallen & Mr Pinchy

EDIT: Decided to keep fishing and got a Giant Sewer Rat! 276 casts total!


1 Response to “Just Add Salt”

  1. 1 chckenmcbndy March 11, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    little out of date but figured this was the article it related to. Got my ‘Salty’ title this weekend after winning the Booty Bay fishing tourney and wanted to point out some things I noticed to help encourage those trying for this:

    1) Server specific but I’m on a pvp server and after several weeks of failed attempts I realized a ‘turf line’ was evident with west coast being horde/ east coast beibg alliance (Lol @ the fail shammy that got beat down with my fishing pole).

    2) It didn’t dawn on me until hours after I won but completed this during the holday for the elders. With people focusing on that there was literally no competition. I did see 3-4 lvl 80 horde heading our for it, but , not 1 alliance toon. As I was fishing pools I could see two more pools on my map with no one fishing them.

    So if all else fails wait until the next holiday event and give it a go.

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