Predatory Strike Utility

With the release of 3.2.2 a lot of people have been focusing on the ArP change and the Predatory Strikes change has kind of fallen to the wayside. While a few blogs have mentioned it, they haven’t really talked about it’s added utility to the cat class. The neat thing here is, Predatory Strikes is a core talent and a must have as a feral druid so really this is a free added bonus for the low low price of.. nothing! As the images below state, you get 20% chance per combo point and since 5 cp rips are a core component of our dps you have a 100% chance to trigger Predator’s Swiftness



So what kind of neat things can I do with this new change as a kitty kat?

The PVP utility is clear and extremely apparent, but in PVE all 3 abilities have functionality, an instant Rebirth being the most logical. Having the ability to drop an instant Healing Touch on yourself or on your MT or someone on the raid is nice if the situation warrants. Most recently with the release of TOC, being able to Cyclone the Faction Champions instantly is great to maintain your dps and at the same time pull targets off your raid or lock out their healers. A lot of people who play feral druids out there like to think that “well I’m not resto so it’s not my responsibility to heal targets” and leave it to the healers. However we are a hybrid class and part of the versatility of our class to be able to shift out and help in “oh shit” situations and potentially save the raid (or yourself).

A simple tip could be, as soon as you apply a 5 cp rip, look around your raid and see if there’s anything you can do to help. It’ll take some getting used to, last night during a raid I rezzed someone and at first I thought I didn’t since there was no cast time. I spent a good 10s trying to figure out what happened before I realized it had happened instantly (PS+Rez!).


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