3.3 Kitty Summary – Update #1

A lot of new information has been posted in the past week which warrants a new post to collect and summarize. This specific post will only contain the new kitty  information since my last post but I am compiling all new and old information in my original post 3.3 Kitty Summary. So depending on how you prefer to read information, you can either look out for new posts for a quick update or you can simply check the summary post from time to time for a complete up to date view on what’s coming down the pipe.

In addition, I’ve decided to compile an achievement summary as well. I’m a huge fan of achievements and there are a lot of new things coming up in 3.3 which I think can warrant a completely separate post so stay tuned for that shortly.

Tier 10 Token System

Quote From: Blizzard (Source)
With t10 we’re going to see a hybrid. The tier 10 items (the ones with item levels you’d find in the 10-player raid) will be purchased with Emblems of Frost.

The tier 10.5 items (the ones with item levels you’d find in the 25-player raid) will be obtained by getting a token (one that is specific to 3 or 4 classes, much like the ulduar tokens) and using it to upgrade the tier 10 item that was purchased with emblems of frost.

This is the perfect solution to the current issues with T9 from TOC. Currently there is not upgrade system from ilv 232 -> ilv 245 -> ilv258. To obtain each level of T9 gear you need to start from scratch which quite frankly is a pain in the ass. It also discourages people from obtaining the ilv 232 set if you know that the ilv 245 set is available in time. Factor in that most people did not drop their T8 until they had 2pc or 4pc then you have a lot of badges sitting around waiting for the optimal time to switch. Now in 3.3 by having an upgade system this will encourage people to get 232 quickly and upgrade along the way.

Normal vs Hard Mode Triggers

Quote From: Blizzard (Source)
ICC’s hard modes will be triggered, but via in-game UI (much like how you toggle between normal and heroic modes today) rather than triggered by game mechanics (like not killing the three drakes before you attack Sartharion).

We seem to be moving back towards an pre 3.2 style of hard mode which I think is for the best. Having to do 4 raids a week just to get through easy and hard mode while fast (no trash yay) is still time consuming and who wants to see the same 5 bosses 4 times a week? Considering that Icecrown is going to be significantly larger than TOC, this is clearly a necessity to ensure people don’t get bogged down by trying to run Icecrown 4 times a week. Perhaps a sign of difficult content to come? 🙂

3.3 Leather DPS Crafted Items (iLv 264)


It’s definitely still too early to say “wow” or “bah” as we don’t know what the tier gear looks like. Once that starts appearing we’ll be able to tell whether it’s worthwhile to obtain these items. I’m assuming the cost to make will be very expensive as usual. Whats interesting though is that 3.2 dps gear in the leggings/feet slots generally had +hit (See Leggings of the Broken Beast, Icewalker Treads), so if we are moving away from having +hit in these slots, where is that stat going to be coming from in 3.3?

Icecrown Weapon Procs

Not really sure what this is all about, my assumption is that it will be something related to a specific mechanic in a fight.

New Icecrown Trinkets Procs

I am going to make the assumption that the transformation mentioned in the IC 25 normal/heroic mode trinkets is one of the 6 transformations mentioned above. I will also assume that depending on what class/spec/role you are, you will proc a different type of transformation. Looks like kitty kats will either be transforming into a Wolvar (Agility) or Taunka (Attack Power)?


On a complete side note, we were finally able to complete A Tribute to Insanity (10 Player)!



2 Responses to “3.3 Kitty Summary – Update #1”

  1. 1 Rahl October 29, 2009 at 8:36 am

    so if we are moving away from having +hit in these slots, where is that stat going to be coming from in 3.3?

    The Triumph Trinket that gives over 100 Hit would be my guess

    • 2 Vallen October 29, 2009 at 9:42 am

      Doesn’t really make sense to downgrade to a 3.2 trinket for 3.3, especially since that trinket is awful. It’ll make more sense shortly once more information is released (specifically the tier 10 stats) I’m thinking the hit will shift to another slot such as helm/shoulder perhaps, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing. That should give us more flexibility to mix and match 3.2 and 3.3 gear and still maintain a healthy level of hit.

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