Plug! Coldbear’s Guide: How to Feral DPS

Real life’s been sucking up a lot of time this past week, doing a bit of renovation around the house. I need to find some time to make some updates to 3.3 Kitty Summary and 3.3 Achievement Summary which will hopefully happen before the end of this week.

In the interim, here’s a short post to hold you folks over. Coldbear from US-Ravencrest has made a video that tries to explain and overview the complexities of playing a kitty kat. First I need to apologize to Coldbear for never responding to his request to review his script. I read through half of it made comments and then forgot to go back to it. So sorry for that and glad to see it came out the way it did. I will admit that I have yet to finish watching the whole video but when I do I’ll add some feedback/comments to this post.

Finally, if you were wondering….


1 Response to “Plug! Coldbear’s Guide: How to Feral DPS”

  1. 1 coldbear November 20, 2009 at 4:39 am

    Cheers for the big ol’ plug man. Up to about 100,000 views now!

    And thanks for a good blog, just started my own, will be linking to you.

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