5 Years of World of Warcraft

5 years ago today, World of Warcraft was released. Prior to this game I would consider myself to be a casual gamer at best, never playing any video game longer than a month or two. However, proud or ashamed for 5 years now I have been playing WOW and essentially have loved every minute of it. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts and reflections on the past 5 years and what people’s favorite moments/things/events are. Here are some starter ones:

  • Favorite Instance: Karazhan
  • Favorite Boss(es): Four Horsemen (lv 60 version), C’thun, Mimiron (Firefighter Only!).
  • Favorite Tier Level: T3, best set ever!
  • How many legendaries have you seen drop: 3 bindings, 2 eyes, 2 glaives, and a lot of unfinished Atiesh shards/Val’anyr fragments!
  • Favorite World Event: Ahn’Qiraj, till this day I have never seen so many people in the same place at one time.
  • Longest queue to get into WOW: 3000+ (Thank You Warsong)
  • Average amount of time spend per year. (Take your /played  and divide by 5): 272/5 = 54.4 days per year (sadface?)

Feel free to answer mine or make up your own, I’d love to see a long list of memories from everyone. 🙂

*Edit*: Found some official Blizz 5 year celebratory info: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/wowanniversary/


1 Response to “5 Years of World of Warcraft”

  1. 1 coldbear November 24, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    Instance: MGT for how hard it was for even a good 5p group early on, but still doable and cool as all hell. Ofc, 3 hours in the final hallway was a bit …rough.

    Had a lot of HOLY CRAP moments – but that was individual bosses appearing for the first time, like Sapphiron 40p (..at lvl 70) and Ragnaros @60.

    Favorite bosses: Kael’Thas with the floating around, 4H with 40 people, though I didn’t get there til 70. Kil’Jaeden at …80 :(. Heral Volazj was pretty awesome, too. Ragnaros at 60, and the first time I saw Nefarian land.

    Tier: meh. Shaman Ten Storms was cool, and the rogue t5 looked damn cool.

    Legendaries I saw Thunderfury get made, pretty cool. Glaive dropping was meh – obsolete already. Val’anyr getting made – meh.

    Event: ZOOOOMBIES! The pictures someone posted on EJ from infecting the massive spawns of humanoids in BRD Lyceum area was nuts. Scepter of the Shifting Sands was pretty epic though, along with the Alliance Onyxia questline the best in the game, and the race to be Scarab Lord… wow.

    Queue: 500 or so on Laughing Skull iirc.

    Time: 23.2 on this acct, probably add about five or ten from my old account.

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