Freaking Arthas

I’ll preface this with this is not a qq post nor is it a post to bitch and whine about the encounter and this is strictly a 10 man conversation.

My 10 man group has been pushing Arthas hard this week. We extended our lockout (since theres nothing worth getting in 10 man normal) and we’ve been bashing our faces into Arthas since Tuesday. Our best attempt is 14.5% which is about 4-5% away from the automatic “I Win” phase 5 so I would say we are very close. Our execution is getting better and better but it didn’t start like this. Any possible way you can wipe, we’ve done it. Just to name a few:

  1. Getting cleaved by Shambling Horrors
  2. Necrotic Plague not getting cleansed fast enough
  3. Raging Spirits 1 shotting ppl on spawn
  4. Defile spreading across the whole platform
  5. Val’kyr Shadowgaurd dropping people into the abyss
  6. Getting punted off the platform by Ice Spheres
  7. Tank bunny hopping off the edge while Arthas is RP’ing

I would say that we’ve wiped to almost every mechanic in the fight, and through this we’ve learned, progressed and improved. My take on progression is you learn the mechanics of the fight, you don’t die to the mechanics, and then you kill the boss. However that is not happening, the problem is we are getting hit with bugs and this is what is preventing us from making that final push. Yesterday, Blizzard announced that the following changes/fixes were implemented:

Quote from: Bornakk (Source)

  • In all difficulties of the Lich King encounter, players who are tanking raging spirits are no longer valid Harvest Soul targets during phase 3, Vile Spirits in phase 3 now spawn at a greater height, and Vile Spirits in phase 3 will not be spawned as often.
  • In the 10 player Lich King encounter, Raging Spirits have had their health decreased in both normal and heroic versions and then fewer Vile Spirirts will be summoned in just the 10 player normal mode.
  • Specifically, the point of note is that the person tanking Raging Spirits are no longer a valid target for Harvest Soul. Well, hate to break it to Blizzard but it’s still happening. Proof you ask? Take a look at these logs (Note that Bearissan is our Raging Spirit Tank)

    1. Log #1
    2. Log #2

    Pretty cool huh? Another fun bug we found (which I can’t prove but Ill share nontheless) is during Quake, if a Raging Spirit falls off the platform when it collapses, it can potentially return invisible! This happened to us last night where it disappeared and proceeded to 1 shot 3 people with Soul Shriek.

    Now that I’ve done my rant, I will say this fight is very highly tuned and rightfully so. This is Arthas after all (FREAKIN ARTHAS) and is extremely challenging and quite frankly I love it. It really has pushed all of us quite hard and through all the wipes, we are still eager to go back and bash our heads in a little more. That being said, it would be a lot less frustrating if we didn’t have to deal with these kind of bugs that are supposedly fixed. The only two reasons I can think of that would explain why this is still happening is because we extended the lockout or because the server wasn’t restarted yet. I really hope that they don’t nerf this anymore or anytime soon because I know my group is capable of doing this and I’d like to do it in its current form.

    For any readers out there that might have killed him, we are struggling with Vile Spirits. It might be because our group only has 2 ranged dps so the spirits are coming down pretty high health but if anyone has any suggestions on how to manage them better please drop me a comment as that would be greatly appreciated.


    4 Responses to “Freaking Arthas”

    1. 1 Shammma February 12, 2010 at 10:49 am

      Blizz supposedly hotfixed mobs falling off the edge of the platform (now they supposedly just chase you up the vertical ledge). I’m guessing that the turning invisible is just a graphical error when they come back.

      With that being said, good luck!

    2. 2 Mitch February 12, 2010 at 11:13 am

      Quick question: have you been using a lot of player dps to down the shamblers or are you relying mostly on the plague to kill them? We’ve been trying to rely on the plague to make the phase go by quickly, but when a big stack jumps to a pack of ghouls we have trouble tracking it down to bring it back to the new shambler.

      • 3 Vallen February 12, 2010 at 11:26 am

        Generally speaking, we have the plague bring down the shamblers. However right around the time that the 2nd shambler spawns, our ranged dps go to town on the low one and kill it quickly so that there aren’t two up for a long period of time.

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