Oh Shadowmeld, How I Love You!

This post is strictly for Night Elf brothers and sisters out there, so for all your moo moo cows out there, go War Stomp some critters.

This post is my tribute to Shadowmeld, for all of its amazing utility and usefulness in every aspect of wow. I’m sure most of you out there have already been able to decipher many of the situations that Shadowmeld is useful but perhaps you’ve missed one (or perhaps I’ve missed one?). Here’s a summary of the different things I use Shadowmeld for:

  1. Avoid Being Ganked: Now I’m not one to run away fro a fight, but if someone decides to have some fun I’m more than happy to play oblige and play along. However that doesn’t mean that I won’t let my enemy get the upper hand. Hit SM, fly away, heal yourself and go back and get the jump on those would-be gankers!
  2. Dropping Target: Similar to getting ganked, if a ranged npc or hordie is on your ass, and they’re casting, you can SM and stop their cast. Naturally the most applicable use of this is in Arenas.
  3. Dropping Combat: If you’re like me and have an addiction to doing dailies, I’m sure there have been times where you’re trying to pick an object, or apply a buff to a mob etc when you aggro something. Prime example would be the Argent Tournament dailies where you’re bound to aggro something that you didn’t want to while doing your quest. Not a problem, just hit SM and Flight Form away!
  4. Farming Resources: A long time ago, Rarren used to be a herbalist (bad pve druid), but when he was, SM was key to getting at some of those more tricky herbs. I’m talking about those nodes that were surrounded by mobs or even being picked by a member of the opposing faction. Entangling Roots, Nature’s Grasp & Cyclone are all effective ways of keeping them busy while you gather your materials before you SM and fly away.
  5. Dropping Threat: Kitty paws tend to be very scurry, and they do pull aggro sometimes. Whether it be on trash or on a boss, SM is a lovely little trick to temporarily drop you from the threat table. Note that SM does not actually drop your threat, but it does remove you from the aggro table until you break SM. Make sure that before you cancel SM and reappear that your tank has had the time to get ahead of you.
  6. Saving Repair Bills: By far the most useful trick for SM is to save yourself a repair bill. Rogues can vanish, Hunters can Feign Death, Mages can Invis away, well you can SM. The trick is to wait until you’re the last person alive/last person on the aggro table (during a wipe) and when everything is chasing after you, hit your SM. As this temporarily drops you off the aggro table and since there is nothing left on the aggro table (everyone is dead) then the encounter will reset. Its very important that you be the last one alive as if someone else is alive and you are taken out of your SM, youll still get your face smashed in. *NOTE*: This tends to piss off a lot of ppl that are trying to zone back in (they will resurrect alive outside of the instance) so in places like Ulduar where you’re flying up high and you fall to your death again.. well ya that pisses people off. Use @ your own risk 🙂

5 Responses to “Oh Shadowmeld, How I Love You!”

  1. 1 Ravnika February 27, 2010 at 5:52 am

    Yeah, shadowmeld is awesome. I personally find it particularly usefull when an attempt at soloing something goes awry. For my own experience MGT Kael’Thas starting to cast Pyroblast is a prime moment to use SM.

    And since this is my first comment after a long time lurking I’ll also say you’re blog is very interesting and enjoyable. Particularly the Pimp your Druid articles are awesome.

  2. 2 coldbear February 28, 2010 at 12:58 am

    Huge boost in pvp sometimes, especially inside cities or one-on-one or against an Ice Blocking frostmage.

    Ghetto Vanish:
    cease movement
    Shadowmeld button taking you out of form
    Cat Form
    Move in opposite direction from where you were headed

  3. 3 RJ March 2, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    I know this doesn’t negate your bit about Shadowmeld, but it’s worth noting that you can herb in flight form.

    • 4 Vallen March 3, 2010 at 10:26 am

      Hey RJ, Yes totally agree you can herb in flight form. That portion of my post was in reference to those herbs/ore nodes that have a mob next to it and you can’t gather as a result. In those situations you can root/cyclone them, pick and sm away without having to kill the mob 🙂

  4. 5 Asgareol March 3, 2010 at 4:13 am

    Shadowmeld is awesome.

    Especially for Arenafights it sometimes rescued my life :D.

    And therefore the ability is absolutely overpowered for PvE :D. The Aggro reducement while ur in Stealth is great and u can wait to start fighting again until your tank has had his aggro increased.

    As a Feral with 4xT10 ur gonna get ur Aggro high very fast.

    Do you write about the Future Change of Mangle and the new Major Glyphe “Mangle”?

    a) Mangle uptime increased to 60s ( AWESOME 😀 ) up from 12s

    this will be a HUGE DPS PUSH

    b) Instead of increasing the Time of Mangle the new Major Glyph increases the Damage done by Mangle by 10%.

    Awesome too but noch worth a change of the Major Glyphs at the moment.


    P.S: Ur Blog is nice ;).

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