Kitty Gearing & Ruby Sanctum

MMO recently released the normal mode loot table for Ruby Sanctum and while it is essentially underwhelming, there is one specific item of interest that is somewhat of a game changer in terms of gear selections for kitty kats. This post will address folks that are already into Heroic ICC 25 and have access to ilevel 277 gear, while it can apply to those who only have access to normal ICC 25 it is geared more towards a higher level of raiding. For a full summary of the Ruby Sanctum loot table, you can check that out here.

One of the major issues that currently exist is the choice of using ilv 277 non arp gear vs ivl 264 arp gear. Or another way to put it, a significant increase in raw stats vs being arp capped. There are essentially two specific gear slots that end up falling into this debate. Cloak and Weapon.

Cloak Slot

If you are fortunate to be in a guild that is capable of obtaining TOGC insanity cloaks (Vereesa’s Dexterity) or if you’re lucky enough to have your cloak drop, then this may not be as significant of an issue. If you aren’t as lucky, you’re probably using the badge cloak (Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape) which is fine and all, the problem is, the raw stats of said cloak are much lower than what is available from the heroic version of Shadowvault Slayer’s Cloak.

Lets do a quick comparison, as you can see the pure raw stats of the 277 cloak far outweigh either cloak, and the only real loss from using this cloak is the arp.

Weapon Slot

Similarly, if you have a need for an arp weapon, there is one item that sticks out as the best available option which is Oathbinder, Charge of the Ranger-General. The natural upgrade would be the Heroic version of the weapon but unfortunately majority of us do not have access to Heroic LK 25 (and probably wont for the near future) so for the purpose of this discussion I will assume this as not a viable option. Instead, the decision becomes do I use a 271 arp weapon or, should I use a 277 non arp weapon in Distant Land.

Lets do a quick comparison, not as clearcut of a decision as with the cloaks and I would say would depend on the gear selection/choices of the specific person. For me, the 115 arp on Oathbinder just can’t be replaced elsewhere and as I am a proponent of arp and hardcapping, outweighs the stat gains from Distant Land.

Solutions via Ruby Sanctum

Whether it be by design or just by chance, there is one item that will essentially resolve some of these hard choices/decisions that need to be made currently.

Sharpened Twilight Scale: Increases your armor penetration rating by 163. When you deal damage you have a chance to gain 1304 attack power for 15 sec.

This is the first time that we will be able to equip double ARP trinkets (STS and DBW). Which immediately resolve any arp issues you may have had previously. For example, lets assume you were using Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape and Oathbinder, Charge of the Ranger-General to reach the arp cap (52+115 = 167 arp). Now, through one item you can essentially cover the arp covered by two. This then frees you to use 277 loot w/o arp which will keep you arp capped and increase your raw stats significantly. This isn’t a massive game changer but it can change what items you’ve been looking for. Personally I’ve been ignoring the 277 Distant Land which is now a priority to pickup prior to the start of Ruby Sanctum.

While I am stating that there is nothing else in Ruby Sanctum that is of interest, that only applies to the Normal mode loot table which is the only table currently available. Once the Heroic version loot tables come out (which could be soon since PTR testing is set for tomorrow), the ilv 284 loot will probably look to make some additional gear changes.


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