Topics of the Week #4

Short and sweet but this week’s grab bag will have a lot of screenshots so I hope you all enjoy!

Tabard of the Lightbringer

Last week, we finally got our first Shadowmourne which went to one of our warriors Romyna, big big grats to a well deserving person. As discussed in a previous post, when you kill LK with a SM, there is a quest that provides you with 5 unique flavor items. Unfortunately it is a one time drop and thus makes them extremely rare. Most guilds just give the items to the SM owner, but Romyna was nice enough to distribute the items to fellow guildies. I was the lucky recipient of Tabard of the Lighbringer which is an oh so sexy tabard that basically makes you super shiney for 5 minutes. The cool thing (for druids) is that it persists in all forms and through any and all transformation items you may have.

Here are a few screenies of me having some fun.

Congrats Romyna!

Tabard in action + Double Legendaries

Super Simian Sphere + Time-Lost Figurine

Heroic Lich King (10 Player)

It’s been over two months since we unlocked heroic LK in 10 man but its been a struggle since then. While struggling on difficult content is nothing I have an issue with, its more the fact that we struggle due to consistency issues. Part of our success up until Arthas can be attributed to having the same 10 people day in and day out from when ICC was released. Since then we’ve unfortunately lost/dropped 3-4 folks to RL commitments and our group has become a revolving door of swapping players who don’t have the same dedication or drive to get this bad boy down.

That being said, our philosophy has always been to do what we can with the time we have allotted. This inevitably results in us wasting majority of our attempts each week. Yesterday was our first attempt at Arthas at 20% (we skipped last week) and we’ve made a lot of progress. Hoping to get this down and close off on this chapter of WOTLK soon.

Arthas says hello!


6 Responses to “Topics of the Week #4”

  1. 1 Mitch June 3, 2010 at 8:50 am

    Yeah, we got our first Shadowmourne last week too and the five items were also spread out, one to the Shadowmourne owner and four others to people that went to the most raids. The only problem is that I had been to every raid up to that point, but missed the week before for vacation. So I was in the top 5 but since our points decay it puts a greater value on recent attendance, which blew me out and I didn’t get an item, lol, oh well. Maybe the next Shadowmourne.

    As for heroic Lich King, good luck. What have you been trying to go for heals? It seems like everyone and their mother says disc priest and holy pally, though I would like to do it with disc priest + two whatever healers since I think by now we should have the dps.

    And at least you’re getting some attempts in =P After we got our drakes it was basically a no show from most people for the last almost 2 months. We could probably get a half ass group together but we aren’t huge fans of messing with that cohesion you get from raiding with a small group of people for so long. (most of this group has seen Ulduar 10 hardmodes up to ICC – with a few of us having been together since Naxx). But we did get Putricide on 25 heroic on the first night of attempts =D so at least raiding is still on the cards even though I prefer 10s.

    • 2 Vallen June 3, 2010 at 11:00 am

      For Heroic LK10 yes we are definitely using the FOTM combo of hpal and dpriest. We could probably use 3 healers by now but to be honest duo healing it makes it a lot easier in terms of having the right amt of total raid dps. The 2nd transition with lots of ragings would be a lot harder to deal with if we 3 heal it. We’ve started to get some consistency back so I’m hoping to finish this off in the next few weeks, I know we are all really burnt out on 10 mans and could use a break.

      As for 25 man we’ve been struggling unfortunately. We essentially lose close to 10 long time core members due to various RL commitments (happens with an older guild). So we’ve basically had to shelf pp/sind heroic progress for a few months. Things have started to stabilize so hopefully we can get back on track soon 🙂

      • 3 nezz June 3, 2010 at 4:22 pm

        Sounds very familiar. Exams/wk football/summer, it’s terrible timing to be working on lich king heroic.

        Also the fight itself, the really tricky part is 10mins in, really exhausting to do those first 10m again to get p3 right, it just burns ppl out.

      • 4 Mitch June 10, 2010 at 10:29 am

        Yeah, figured that’s what you would go with. Our main holy pally has been super flaky lately and our other holy pally just isn’t that good so we may be forced to try and three heal it. But with the 20% buff and a decent amount of everyone’s gear being 277 I think we can overcome it. Thankfully I’ve finally convinced people to just shut up and go no matter what the comp is. I’m sick of not trying something just because we didn’t have a comp.

        Sucks to hear about your 25 man raids. Good luck with everything!

      • 5 Vallen June 10, 2010 at 1:32 pm

        We have anything but an ideal group but our philosophy is its consistency that will win the fight not the easiest cheese group you can put together. Coulda had the kill this week if it weren’t for a few hiccups with a 26% best attempt. Definitely going to die next week 🙂

  2. 6 Cofie June 6, 2010 at 6:01 am

    vallen, its great to hear you and everyone back at dayberak is doing well. I had rumor that you had been writing a blog and couldnt help but throw a comment up. tobinbell and my self, through our extremly limited play time are still working toward some 10 man stuff and old achievements as such, and im very glad to hear romy got her shadowmourne finaly. grats on the tabbard, and good luck in all your experiences up to the lichking heroic 25m

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