Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

We started going back to Ulduar with a primary goal in mind. Farm as many Mimiron’s Heads as possible before the end of WOTLK.  However, I also had a few other side objectives as well:

  1. Obtain Formula: Enchant Weapon – Blade Ward
  2. Get a Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

The first to do on the list isn’t bad, just a matter of waiting for it to drop. I unfortunately missed it the first time around when we did Ulduar so was really hoping I’d see it again. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist (as some people may have noticed) and I’ve been working on collecting every enchanting recipe available. I believe this dropped on Week #9 of our Ulduar adventures which pushed me up to 287/296 or 96.96% complete. Now if I could only see some world drop recipes on the Auction Hall.

The second item on the list of obtaining a Val’anyr as everyone knows is not such an easy task. The drop rate on fragments were low to begin with and combine that with the speed in which shards drop in ICC it feels even slower. I think most guilds ended up with 2 Val’anyr’s by the end of Ulduar whereas I think we’re probably up to 4-5 Shadowmournes for more high end guilds. Regardless it was one of those pipe dreams where I was hoping for a second legendary (Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros being the first). So starting from July 18th, we went to Ulduar each week and after 11 weeks (9 raid ID’s) I finally collected all 30 fragments and now am the proud owner of a Val’anyr! I started with 4 fragments to begin with so the drop rate was less than 3 a week (awesome no?) So, to commemorate this I decided to take some screenshots to show the questline.

I will share an interesting timbit of information in that on the last quest, the objective is to throw the Unbound Fragments of Val’anyr into Yogg-Saron’s mouth when he is performing Deafening Roar. So here is my train of thought during our YS kill this week.

*Enter Phase 3 & 1st Deafening Roar*

So I did it, nothing happened quest didn’t complete. Did I do it wrong? Guess so, no problem I’ll wait for the next roar.

*2nd Deafening Roar*

Did it again, still no luck.. Hrmm what am I doing wrong? Oh well I guess I’ll just wait for the 3rd roar.

Wait, hold on YS is at 2% shit… hold on guys I’m not sure…

*YS dead*

Oh fuck… Did I just fail the quest? Do I have to wait till next week?


Oh.. It’s a quest item you loot off YS.. oh…

So there you have it, my /facepalm moment of the day. Enjoy!


Val'anyr Closeup


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