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A Mask for All Occasions

Worst. Achievement. Ever.



More Kitty Play Testing

So through 2 weeks of raiding I’ve been able to put some practice into the 4.01 Kitty Play rotation and am in the process of writing up some thoughts on how its changed since 3.3.5. That post is coming shortly.

In the meantime I just wanted to mention that I’ve changed my Reforge/Gemming scheme once again based on some more test results and I’ve updated my previous 4.01 Kitty Primer posts to reflect this so that it provides up to date information. The scheme I’m using today is:

  1. Gem Hit in any blue slots/prismatic slots.
  2. Reforge your highest secondary stat (that is Crit or Haste) on all items into Mastery
  3. Gem Agility in any red slots, items with double yellow sockets, or if the socket bonus is below 4 Agility
  4. Gem Agility/Haste or Agility/Crit in all remaining yellow slots

I will say that I absolutely hate this template as it completely ignores game mechanics like Hit/Expertise which make for some misses/dodges at interesting times. It’s mostly likely the fact that Mastery’s value is so high at lv 80 and by the time we get to 85 I suspect that this will not be the case for very  long. So I’ll go out on a limb and say this is probably a temporary “best template” until Cata. It tends to throw my ryhthm off quite a bit but, you can’t argue against the #’s.

Maximizing Mastery/Agility while ignoring hit/expertise

Tradeoff of lack of hit/expertise

Edit: Just noticed the 9 mangles, gotta love random other ppl pushing my mangle off and me just putting it back on mindlessly :/

Topics of the Week #10

We take a break from our regularly scheduled 4.01 Kitty Play talk to discuss some of the other things happening around the game. Hope everyone is enjoying the new and improved kitty play 🙂

Feral Buffs

As announced last week, Feral got some much needed love to rebalance back to a competitive level. Just goes to show, patience is a virtue kitty fans.

Here are the hotfixes to the live servers.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Source)

  • Maim now deals 155% weapon damage, up from 100%.
  • Rip base bleed damage has been increased by 50%.
  • Shred now deals 350% damage, up from 225%. Additional damage increased by 55%.
  • Swipe now deals 335% weapon damage, up from 215%.
  • Ravage now causes 850% damage, up from 550%. Additional damage increased by 55%
  • Claw now causes 155% damage, up from 100%. Additional damage increased by 55%.
  • Ferocious Bite base additional damage increased by 55%.
  • Rake bleed damage has been increased by 55%.
  • Fury Swipes now deals 310% weapon damage, up from 200%.

Even cooler is the fact that kitties got even more love on the Beta!

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Source)

  • Rip now scales from 18/37/55/74/92% of Attack Power depending on combo points, up from 8/16/24/32/40%.
  • Ferocious Bite now scales from 10.9/21.8/32.7/43.6/54.5% of Attack Power depending on combo points, up from 7/14/21/28/35%.
  • Rake now causes scales from 2% of Attack Power for bleed damage, up from 1%. Now scales from 42% of AP for additional bleed damage over 9 sec, up from 18% of AP.
  • Mangle additional damage has been increased from 726 to 1136.
  • Vengeance – Entering Cat Form will cancel this effect.

Arena Season 8 Complete

3 months ago I ventured into an aspect of the game that I have generally avoided. Since then and 370 achievement points later, I’ve finished the season with a Duelist title and with Arena Master complete. Do I have aspirations of reaching Gladiator rank? Not really, nor do I have the skill to do so probably. Will I continue PVP’ing? Most definitely, looking forward to Season 9 and maybe just maybe as feral pvp!

Mimi Heads, Invincible & More removed in 4.03

In case you missed it, many rare mounts are being removed completely or having their drop rates changed to essentially make them gone. So the speculation is gone and Blizzard has given advance notice on the removal dates, be forwarned. If you haven’t been farming now is the time to start. While Mimiron Head’s and Invincible are still in the game they really are not farmable anymore at a 1% (or less) drop rate. We are currently at 12 Mimiron Head’s as a guild and with Cata only 7 weeks away, I assume 4.03 will drop before that. So, it looks like we’ll be getting to 17-19 heads which isn’t bad. Looking forward to our army of mimi head’s in IF in Dec.

Personally with the announcement of TOGC mounts being removed I think it’s time to pay TOGC25 a visit again.

Originally Posted by Lylirra (Source)
As stated in the Under Dev page (, patch 4.0.3 brings about The Shattering, a cataclysmic event that will forever change the face of Azeroth. As we prepare to raise the level cap and introduce two new races with the Cataclysm expansion, it’s important to keep in mind that the game world is going through tremendous changes that will affect the availability of certain rare mounts and items.

Swift Zulian Tiger
Zul’Gurub is changing from a raid to a leveling zone in 4.0.3, and this mount will no longer be obtainable.

Swift Razzashi Raptor
This mount will also no longer be obtainable after the change to Zul’Gurub.

Razzashi Hatchling
With the change to Zul’Gurub this non-combat pet will no longer be obtainable.

Tome of Polymorph: Turtle Mage
This tome will continue to be available through other means.

Crusader’s White/Black Warhorse and Swift Alliance Steed/Swift Horde Wolf
As the attempt-based tribute system is being removed from Heroic Trial of the Crusader, the Argent Crusade Tribute Chest will no longer spawn, and these mounts will no longer be obtainable

Reins of the Blue Drake
This mount will once again be available from defeating 10-player Malygos without needing to use the Dungeon Finder. The Reins of the Azure Drake will only be available on 25-player Malygos.

Mimiron’s Head
This mount will change to be a very low drop chance when defeating 25-player Yogg’Saron with no Keepers assisting you

This mount will change to be a very low drop chance when defeating Heroic 25-player Lich King

Although we have no current plans to introduce new ways to obtain the Zul’Gurub mounts, pets, and the tribute mounts, they may return should we find a place where they fit in the future.

Many Whelps! Handle It!

For those achievement nerds out there in case you did not know, with the recent graphics changes this is actually possible to achieve again. We as a guild seem to have unstable connections/crappy computers and whenever we tried this (on several occasions) we were unable to field a raid group that was able to stay online. We had essentially given up on this but we went back again last night to give it a try and nobody DC’ed. Huzzah! Too bad we didnt pull enough whelps during the liftoff so we’ll be going back to try again next week.

So in case you’re in the same boat I am, now’s the time to go and give it a shot!

Veteran of the Shifting Sands

For those of you who played back in Vanilla, you’ll recall the Scepter questline to open the Ahn’Qiraj gates. It was a pretty interesting idea that forced both factions to work together to complete the material resource farming to open the gates as fast as possible. At the end of the day, one person was given the honor of banging the gong which open the gates and provided two unique rewards in the title Scarab Lord as well as the only bug mount usable outside of AQ  in the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal

Other folks who were rushing the scepter for their respective guilds generally got screwed out of title/mount and were not happy campers. Since then a lot of people have picked up the questline and completed it for fun including yours truly. There was a period when people could transfer to the server and bang the gong to get the title/mounts but that window of oppourtunity has closed. Since then there has been a lot of petitioning on the Achievement Forums to give some sort of reward to those who spent the time to complete the questline. If you’re curious to know how much petitioning, you can look at the four thread capped threads here.

One Word: Win!

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Feats of Strength

  • Veteran of the Shifting Sands – Completed the gates of Ahn’Qiraj quest chain up to and including Treasure of the Timeless One (even if someone else ended up with the mount).

Gold Cap

Apparently the gold cap has been changed to 1,000,000g. Looks like I won’t be hitting that one (ever).

4.01 Kitty Primer – Reforging & Gemming

4.01 has arrived and boy was Tuesday a confusing night.

My original hope was that my 4.01 kitty primer would give fellow kitties enough advance warning to have a better idea of what to expect and also a heads up on what to stock up on for materials. While it served its purpose (it definitely helped me as my reference cheat sheet), it was also lacking and did not answer a lot of outstanding questions. So, I’ve decided to write a followup article that will address what I felt was the most difficult part of 4.01 Kitty Play which is understanding what to reforge and what to gem. One important thing to note is that my analysis is done based on trial and error and has no math involvement. If I wanted to do math I’d go back to school.

For some basic knowledge on reforging/gemming, you can refer back to my original 4.01 Kitty Primer – What You Need to Know post.

*Update 10/21/10: Changed some recommendations to reflect new testing

The Approach

The changes we have seen in 4.01 are actually a lot more significant that people realize. Yes the rotation is still somewhat the same, yes our abilities are still the same. But the way we approach configuring our gear has completely changed and is a lot more complicated than it was in 3.3.5. In the past all you really needed to know is gem to arp cap, hit cap then address expertise if possible. Pretty simple and self explanatory. Today in 4.01 that is completely different. Reforging adds a completely new level of complexity and choice which is fantastic in that you can custom cater your gear as required but it also makes it a lot harder to optimize your gear.

The benefit of reforging is that you no longer are restricted by gem slot colours. You can reforge to any secondary stat that is not on the item. This gives greater flexibility in terms of what items you choose as your “BIS” and also what gems you use and gemming for socket bonuses.

Reforging Approach

First, decide what secondary stat you wish to reforge. Remember the secondary stats you can reforge are Critical Strike Rating, Dodge Rating, Expertise Rating, Haste Rating, Hit Rating, Mastery Rating,  Parry Rating, Spirit. Of these stats, on kitty gear we have Crit/Expertise/Hasted & Hit available for reforging. Naturally we have no interest in reforging Hit or Expertise since we are trying to cap these stats so really our choices are limited to Crit, Haste or Mastery.

So which stat should we reforge and reforge to? At this time, Mastery is the primary reforge stat of choice. Recall that Mastery is currently only available through reforging (will be available from gemming/gear come Cata). In an ideal world I would like to think that reforging would allow for one to add Hit/Expertise to push to the cap but at lv 80 it seems that the value of Mastery is so high its better to just push maximum Mastery. In terms of what secondary stat to reforge, the answer is whichever provides the greater yield of Mastery that is not Hit or Expertise (aka Crit or Haste).

Gemming Approach

Red, Blue and Yellow slots, lets review each one.

Blue slots previously were previously gemmed with 1 Nightmare Tear followed by Arp gems. Recall that this was used to fulfill the requirement of 1 Blue gem in our Meta Gem (Relentless Earthseige Diamond). The Blue gem requirement can now be addressed by +20 Hit which has now been converted to Blue so we no longer have a need for a Nightmare’s Tear.

Red slots previously were gemmed with Armor Penetration gems, our bread and butter. With that now gone we have 2 viable options in Agility and Expertise. Personally I went with Expertise gems to (or close to cap) followed by Agility, more on this later.

Yellow slots previously were somewhat up in the air in terms of what ppl gemmed. +20 haste, +20 hit, +10hit/+10exp hell even +20 arp and ignore socket bonuses if you weren’t at cap. Today, these slots should be filled with +10agil and +10 haste  or +10agil and +10 crit to maximize your Agility as much as possible. The choice of crit or haste depends on how close you are to the Crit Cap.

In regards to slot bonuses, as a general rule of thumb I gemmed for socket bonuses as long as the bonus was greater than +4 agility.

Test Results

Below are a bunch of damage breakdowns that I pulled together over the past few days (pre buff and post buff). Along with different combination’s of reforging/gemming. All tests were performed on the Heroic Training Dummy and for a total of 4 minutes. You will probably notice oddities like extra mangles and rakes but I’m human and I’m still getting used to 4.01 Kitty Play so keep that in mind. Whats more important to look at is the damage breakdowns.

Scenario A (Pre Buff, Reforge Hit/Exp/Haste, Gem Agility(R), Hit (B), Agil/Haste(Y))

This was my original thought pre 4.01 as to how we should be reforging/gemming. Reforge the necessary hit/exp then all remaining available reforging into Haste. Clearly I was mistaken, my crit went into the shitter and it just wasn’t a pretty sight. I quickly learned from this experiment that Haste was not the stat to reforge to.

Pre Buff, Pushing Haste

Scenario B (Pre Buff, Reforge Hit/Exp/Mastery, Gem Agility(R), Hit(B), Agil/Haste(Y))

Next experience was to continue reforging hit/exp but take all remaining available reforging into Mastery. Very quickly and very clearly you can see the clear benefit of pushing Mastery which instantly upped my bleed damage significantly and increased my overall dps significantly. For a comparison point of view, I was rocking base mastery (0 Mastery Rating) in Scenario A and 13.21 Mastery (239 Mastery Rating) in Scenario B.

Pre Buff, Pushing Mastery

Scenario C (Post Buff, Reforge Hit/Exp/Mastery, Gem Agility(R), Hit(B), Agil/Haste(Y))

This is the first test I did on Thursday after the buffs made to the base coefficients. I made no changes to my reforging/gemming and kept it the same for comparison pov. As you can see, the jump in dps is pretty significant. Instantly about 3k from doing essentially the same thing.

Post Buff, Pushing Mastery

Scenario D (Post Buff, Reforge Hit/Mastery, Gem Exp & Agility (R), Hit(B), Agil/Haste(Y))

Finally this is my last test, which was to push Mastery even higher by dropping some Agility and gemming for Expertise instead. Recall that the only way to obtain Mastery right now is through reforging so to take up reforging slots for Expertise is not wise or valuable. So through this I’ve pushed my Mastery up to 17.89 (454 Mastery Rating). While there isn’t a significant increase recall that it’s just a small increase in Mastery so we should only be expecting a small increase.

Post Buff, Pushing Mastery Ver 2

Scenario E (Post Buff, Reforge Mastery, Gem Agil(R), Hit(B), Agil/Haste(Y))

This test was done much later than the other tests and personally I dont like this one at all. Mainly because for this test I essentially ignored game mechanics to boost my Mastery/Agility as high as possible. This yielded a Mastery of 21.11 (601 Mastery Rating) What do I mean by ignoring game mechanics? I mean I didn’t gem for expertise and only gemmed hit in Blue slots meaning I was well below both caps allowing for misses and dodges. I don’t like missing so much as it throws off your rhythm but as you can see from the results below, clearly the output dps is significantly higher.

Post Buff, Max Mastery/Agil + Ignoring Hit/Exp

Tradeoff of lack of hit/expertise on white attacks


So to summarize, as of 10/21/10 this is my approach:

    1. Gem Hit in any blue slots/prismatic slots.
    2. Reforge your highest secondary stat (that is Crit or Haste) on all items into Mastery
    3. Gem Agility in any red slots, items with double yellow sockets, or if the socket bonus is below 4 Agility
    4. Gem Agility/Haste or Agility/Crit in all remaining yellow slots

      As always, these are just my experiments, if you’ve found other results that differ from mine, please feel free to share as we all try and figure out what is the best way to maximize Kitty Play.

      Up next on my 4.01 Kitty Primer? Changes to DPS Mechanics and how to adjust. Stay Tuned!

      We think Feral cat dps is too low and we will be buffing them.

      Shame on anyone that jumped ship after a day of 4.01 or contributed to the hysterical obscene amounts of QQ.

      Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Source)
      Rather than try and address multiple threads, I’m just going to plop our current thoughts in this one post. Please excuse the brevity. 

      1) We think Fury, Arms, Feral cat and Retribution dps is too low and we will be buffing them.

      2) We think mage dps is too high, especially Fire, and will be nerfing it.

      3) We think Shadow priest dps is too high, but that’s largely a result of Shadow Word: Death spam, which is tough on healers. We’ll be fixing that.

      4) We think Destro warlock dps is too high, but that’s largely a result of Searing Pain spam, which is tough on tanks. We’ll be fixing that.

      5) As we suspected, PvP dps is just too high given that the health pools of Cataclysm haven’t kicked in yet. While competitive PvP is over for the moment, we still want the environment to feel better so we will be buffing resilience. This change might be reverted at level 85.

      There will probably be more changes after another night of raiding and BGs. Many of the bug fixes we have made today will affect dps as well. Stay tuned.

      4.01 Kitty Primer – What You Need To Know

      Alright kitty fans here we go.

      The big awaited 4.01 is at our doorstep so its time to get ready and be prepared for some big changes. With that being said, lets take a look what we should know going into 4.01 and how we can be better prepared for the big shift come this Tuesday. For the latest patch notes, check out this link and also check out MMO-Champ’s extensive resource list for 4.01 here. Remember, I am not providing step by step guides on what to do, what to gear, what to gem. That’s not my style, instead I am looking to bring awareness to changes and provide insight on how to approach them (same approach I’m taking, since nobody knows all the answers) so that you can make decisions that best suit each individual player’s gameplay/gear/situation.

      *Update 10/12/10: Added greater details and thoughts into The Changes/Spec/Reforging/Gem sections & Added new Abilities section
      *Update 10/21/10: Updated Gear and changed recommendations for Reforging/Gemming

      The Changes

      • New 31 Point Talent Tree
      • Introduction of Reforging
      • New Glyphs
      • New Gems
      • Justice/Honor System

      The Gear

      I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have a solid grip on what will be considered “BIS” come 4.01. All of our items are essentially changing with the removal of Arp which is summarized by this blue post.

      Quote by Eyonix (Source)

      If you are a melee DPS class, druid tank, or hunter, expect to see:

      • A lot more Stamina. Bear-form Stamina scaling will be lowered as a result.
      • Strength if you wear plate. Agility if you wear mail or leather.
      • Existing Attack Power becomes Agility and Stamina.Armor Penetration becomes Haste or Crit.
      • No Intellect on melee gear. Hunters won’t need Intellect since they will no longer use mana. Shaman and Retribution paladins will get mana and spell damage in other ways.

      With so many items changing its probably a little too early to make those types of decisions and personally I don’t like (or know how) to do the math behind those calculations. Perhaps someone smarter than me might do those calcs for the benefit of all us kitties out there (*cough* Kalon) and if I see something Ill be sure to share. I will say however that with the expansion looming, it is best not to try and invest too much time into replacing an item here or there for a couple of extra pts of dps for 7 or less weeks. All of those efforts will be wasted pretty quickly into Cata so its probably best to just use what you have and go with it.

      *Update* Kalon made his BIS post which can be found here.

      The Spec

      4.01 introduces the new (or return of) the 31 point talent trees, which naturally will require a completely new spec. Blizzard has redesigned these talent trees with the intent to remove the “fluff” and “filler” from the trees so that every talent is meaningful and not just points to put into to get deeper into the tree.

      To understand what our new spec will be, first you’ll need to look into the secondary tree (Resto) to see the amount of points required. Specifically, looking at the restoration tree you’ll see we are interested at a maximum of speccing up to Master Shapeshifter. This will require a total of 6 points, which at lv 80 means we will have a total of 30 points remaining. This is a problem since we need 31 points in the Feral tree to spec down to Berserk. So at lv 80 we need to make some adjustments and reduce the # of points spent in the Restoration tree. Instead, we will be speccing only 3 points into Heart of the Wild, leaving 33 points remaining (0/33/3).

      Working through the tree there are logical choices in point distribution so I will not discuss the core 31 points to get to Berserk (if you disagree feel free to discuss in comments). Instead with a base spec of 0/31/3 we have 2 points remaining that can be filled into optional talents that are more survival/raid buff based. Your options are:

      1. Infected Wounds (1/2) (Utility)
      2. Nurturing Instinct (1/2) (Survivability)
      3. Survival Instincts (1) (Survivability)
      4. Predatory Strikes (1/2) (Greater DPS)

      0/31/3 with 2 additional pts available

      At this point, it really depends on your style and what you feel comfortable with. You have 3 options in greater dps, greater utility or greater survivability. Personally I am not a fan of the PVP oriened nature of Predatory Strikes so I am passing on that. I also have no survivability issues so I am dropping my final 2 points into Infected Wounds. (Rarren’s Spec)


      One of the neatest additions to 4.01 is the ability to “reforge” your items and convert 40% of secondary stats to any other secondary stat. Secondary stats specifically are Critical Strike Rating, Dodge Rating, Expertise Rating, Haste Rating, Hit Rating, Mastery RatingParry Rating, Spirit.  This is a fantastic as we’re all aware of how limited hit gear is for kitty kats and also with the removal of Primal Precision, a need to obtain expertise as well now.The tricky thing here is that in the past we’ve been accustomed to know that if its a red slot gem X and if its a yellow slot gem Y etc. While this is still true this is an added layer of complexity as now we have an option of reforging items to get stat X or Y and we do not necessarily have to gem for it anymore. Specifically, this now gives us the ability to swap crit into hit/exp without having to gem for hit/exp. This also allows us to gem for socket bonuses as well which is an added bonus.

      For a full explanation of how Reforging works, take a look at the wowwiki page (source)

      How to Prepare: It’s a little difficult to prepare ahead of time since Reforging is currently not yet available in game. However the general idea come 4.01 will be to do the following:

      1. Reforge your the highest secondary stat available that is not Hit or Expertise (aka Crit or Haste)
      2. If Crit = Haste, reforge Haste over Crit
      3. Reforge all slots into Mastery

      The Gems

      Forget everything you knew about gemming because as of 4.01 its all changing. Here are the things you need to know:

      • Arp is no longer a stat available in 4.01
      • Some gems are having their colour changed (ex. hit gems are changing from yellow to blue)
      • Gem slots on items are retaining their colours and are not changing
      • Due to the new talent trees, we are losing Primal Precision and will no longer have 10 Expertise
      • The PVP gem vendor will no longer exist come 4.01

      So what gems will be using? Here’s a list of potentials:

      Delicate Cardinal Ruby (+20 agil) (Red)
      Precise Cardinal Ruby (+20 exp) (Red)
      Quick King’s Amber (+20 haste) (Yellow)
      Rigid Majestic Zircon (+20 hit)  (Blue)

      Deadly Ametrine (+10 agil and+10 crit) (Red or Yellow)
      Deft Ametrine (+10 agil and +10 haste) (Red or Yellow)

      Accurate Dreadstone (+10 exp and +10 hit) (Red or Blue)
      Glinting Dreadstone (+10 agil and +10 hit) (Red or Blue)

      How to Prepare: If you’re Justice Point capped, might as well spend badges on gems now instead of paying for gems later. Similarly if you’re honour capped, might as well spend honour on gems while you can as that option will be removed come 4.01. Seeing as everyone will essentially be required to regem in someway shape or form, the cost of gems will most likely go up and will cost you a pretty penny. So stock up now while you can. What gems specifically to buy is a very difficult question to answer. It completely depends on what gear you have, what colour slots they have and what/if you are planning to reforge. General rules of thumb to work by are:

      1. Gem Hit into Blue slots
      2. Gem Agility into Red slots
      3. Gem Agil/Haste or Agil/Crit into Yellow slots depending on how your crit/haste levels are

      The Glyphs

      The glyph system is getting a complete revamp on how it works. Currently we have Major and Minor glyphs however this will change into Prime, Major and Minor glyphs. Essentially Prime = Major and Minor = Minor with Major begin a new category. If you’ve been on the PTR you’ll have noticed you can actually see every glyph that is available but you need to actually acquire the glyph to learn it. Once you’ve acquired it, it will become permanent in a library of glyphs and can be pulled from your inventory at any time. I’ve listed off the glyphs that are of interest to us and depending on how things pan out on live it may change but I’ve highlighted the ones I’m going with. I think the big change really is moving away from Savage Roar and moving to Tiger’s Fury. With the announcement of a 15% damage boost for 6s via Tiger’s Fury (source), having a 15% dmg boost every 27s  seems to outweight a static 5% from Savage Roar which now only affects white damage instead of all damage.

      Prime Glyphs (*Gylphs I’m going with)

      Major Gylphs (*Glyphs I’m going with)

      Minor Glyphs

      How to Prepare: Buy up/create all your glyphs now so that come 4.01 you can learn them all and be on your way.

      Justice/Honor Points

      With 4.01 all badges will be transferred into Justice Points and all sources of honor will be converted into Honor Points. This will simplify all your different sources of badges/honor which can be calulated by MMO-Champ’s calculator (source). Note that there are hard caps for both Justice and Honor points so anything above and beyond 4k will be converted into gold. The conversion rates are different for different types of badges/honor so make sure you take a look at the calculator to see what your return will be.

      How to Prepare: This really depends on you and what you value as your priorities. If you aren’t capped, chances are you’ll be letting it ride. If you are capped then it depends what you value more, money or items. For example, if you are capped you could use your excess honor/badges to buy gems or heirlooms. Gem’s you’ll be needing to regem all your characters so that’s a win-win situation. Heirlooms on the other hand are also an option, if youre planning to do any lvling might as well buy them now. However on the other hand if your’e short on gold, perhaps you’d rather just let them all convert into gold.

      The Immortal

      Better late than never, 3rd time is a charm.

      I’ll be writing up a primer for 4.01 kitties. Stay tuned for that before this upcoming reset!

      I’m Retired!

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