Topics of the Week #12

Hello Kitty Fans,

Sitting down to write a quick post as now is prob a good a time as any to reflect back on Cataclysm so far. We’ve just finished the first tier (more on that below) of content and things couldn’t be peachier. I know some people hate the newer (wotlk onwards) expansions but personally I love em. They may be simpler and dumbed down but they really do work for me and allow me to balance my IRL with WOW. I’ve also just finished maxing all my Cataclysm reputations so its’ probably time to start working on some new achievements, they haven’t gotten much love recently. On with the post!

Cataclysm Quirks

After the past few months of Cata I’ve definitely noticed some oddities during my time in game.

  • I didn’t discover the entrance to Lost City of Tol’Vir even though I was inside the instance (go figure)
  • Falling to my death through holes in the floor at the entrance to Bastion of Twilight (seriously, just run around the edges of the beginning of the instance)
  • Phasing herbs in Twilight Highlands, nothing is better than flying down to pick something and having it disappear
  • While I understand smaller loot tables can result in repetition of loot (aka 2x the same drop in 25m), whats up with 3x drops?
  • If you’re in a random dungeon and you are the last person in the instance (and the group disbands) you can’t teleport out

Cataclysm Tips

Here are just a few general tips for the folks out there, in case you haven’t thought of it

  • Always remember to do Wintergrasp and WG dailies, yes it is outdated content but the honor is still good and there is never a queue.
  • If you’re a herbalist, always remember to herb TB while its in progress. Yup, people may hate you but its free Whiptail with little to no competition (removed in 4.06, do it while you can!)
  • Remember that guild rewards require guild reputation, if you can max it out every week. Caps are dependent on your guild level, more information here.
  • This may not apply to all servers but many people are still leveling professions, don’t forget to check the auction hall for cheap enchanted scrolls, you may find its cheaper than actual mats on the auction hall.

New Domain!

You might have noticed that I’ve changed the header to, Yup that’s right, I had a reader (and friend) generously donate the domain. You can now use or the old wordpress domain to reach the blog, thanks!

1st Tier of Content Complete

Last week Daybreak completed the first tier of content finishing off Nefarian and reaching 12/12.  While I wasn’t in on the kill and our first kill was in 10m, we went back in this week and killed Nef in 25m.

Overall from an experience point of view the content for Catacylsm so far has been pretty enjoyable. The fights had more unique mechanics than rehashed ones, and more importantly, the amount of trash per instance was reasonable. Also we’ve made use of the shared lockout almost every week where we’ve gone in to start as a 25M raid, cleared what we can and converted down to a 10M raid to continue progressing and learning. This has significantly helped our progression in 25M the week after resulting in pretty quick kills of new bosses. Heroic progression begins this upcoming week!


1 Response to “Topics of the Week #12”

  1. 1 Guntitan February 3, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    Finally I found you. A worgen druid who is feral and plays in cat form. I recently started to level a worgen druid and I am loving it. I might add you to my blog roll but my current blog is about hunters.

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