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Le Fin

Dear Readers,

It has been approximately 3 months since my disappearance from WOW and the blogosphere and I am writing to you now to let you know that this is my final post. This is probably not a big surprise to anyone who has been a regular reader but I feel that I owe you all a little closure since my departure was very sudden and unexpected.


There is no specific reason why it happened, but more an accumulation of reasons over time. As most of you know, my wife and I were blessed with our first child last year and it has been an extreme roller coaster of a ride. The older she gets, the more challenging it becomes. Her needs and demands increase as she gets older and its (WOW) just not something feasible to continue the way I want to play it. When I was still playing, I knew as she got older there would come a day where it just wasn’t possible to sit down and play for 5 hours straight on a raid night. The other driving factor behind my decision was what was happening in game. Unfortunately after 5 years of existence in one form or another, Daybreak, my guild finally bit the dust. When such a major part of in-game life suddenly disappears it is very hard to replace. Again, there was no specific reason why it happened, it really just came down to quality of content and the willingness of people to push forward day in and day out. We’ve survived through plenty of attritions before but this time there was just no coming back from it.

So, with a sudden huge void in game and increasing pressures at home I knew this was the best time to to make it happen.


Yes, I will admit that disappearing suddenly is not the best way to go about it. However, knowing myself and the type of person I am and how intrenched/involved I have been in this game, I knew it was a necessity to quit cold turkey and disappear. I knew it would be a lot more difficult to wean myself off WOW slowly (I’ve tried it before with little success) so this was really the only solution. So, I decided to drop everything overnight. Hell… I’m still in resto gear (ew?) At first, I didn’t really have a long term plan but as time passed, I decided I would give it 3 months.


So what have I been doing for the past 3 months? Well, to tell you the truth it really wasn’t hard to step away from WOW, I probably could have made this post 2 months ago but I felt I should stick with my original plan. I think for me WOW had reached it’s expiry date.

In retrospect, it is kind of ridiculous when you look back and realize how much more free time you have when you aren’t raiding or logged on chatting in game. With more time on my hands I’ve been spending a lot more time with my family and it’s been fantastic. Also I’ve been spending more time working on my golf game, which I’m happy to share is getting better!


Over 400,000 hits, 900 comments and a hell of a lot of fun.

I’d like to thank all of you, the readers for all your support over the 1.5 year journey that was Feral Aggression. It was my first blogosphere experience and it really was rewarding in many ways. Of all the posts I’ve made I enjoyed making the Pimp My Druid series the most. It may get outdated in terms of strategy but it’ll still remain relevant for all those who are still hunting those mounts. From sharing my experiences, to helping people out to just keeping my English relatively sharp it was one of the most positive experiences from my 6 years in WOW.


I am one to never say goodbye, so I will say so long for now. I don’t know what the future holds, hell I might get sucked back into WOW at some point but it seems unlikely right now.

I have always had a weak spot for video games (particularly Blizzard games) so I’m sure sooner or later I will get hooked onto another game. I’ve always been a Diablo fan moreso than Warcraft, so I am positive you will be seeing a Rarren running around Sanctuary soon enough.

Until then… Farewell


I’m Retired!

As of 04/04/2011, I have officially retired from WOW. This blog will remain as a archived resource for those who know that CAT DRUID IS 4 FITE!

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