Hit Gear Choices for the 3.3 Kitty

Hit is one of those stats that you don’t really want to get but you know you have to. Kind of like those awkward family reunions that you’re obligated to go to but you dread it immensley.

This post will focus on how to determine which slots to gear/gem for hit and how to make those choices. It will strictly focus on 3.3 loot and will not take into consideration any 3.2 or earlier gear (except TOGC25 cloaks!). Yes you can find more hit choices from earlier gear but the end goal of any player is naturally to upgrade their gear and its somewhat silly to use old gear to fill hit slots (even though I’m doing it right now). I’m going to try and use a logical train of thought (vs extremely mathy approach) to make these determinations. First, lets go over the basics.


As referenced in my Kitty Numbers page, to knock miss completely off your attack table, you need 8% or 263 hit rating. If you’re a Night Elf druid, then you’ll most likely have access to a Draenei and their sexy Heroic Presence buff of 1% hit. With that, the hit requirement drops to 7% or 230 hit rating. More details on how the attack table works can be found here.

Hit Enchant Options

There are three enchants that can provide additional hit:

  1. Enchant Boots – Icewalker (12hit+12crit vs 16 agility)
  2. Enchant Gloves – Precision (20 hit vs 20 agility)
  3. Arcanum of Ferocity (16hit+36ap vs 50ap+20crit) TBC ENCHANT

*The comparison is against what is considered the optimal dps enchant*

All three options to me (personally) seem viable.  Remember, by using any of these enchants, you essentially free up 1 slot which can be used to socket a +20 arp gem which pushes you closer to the arp cap while only losing out on ap/agil/crit which is somewhat negligible.

Hit Gem Options

There are a multitude of gems (common, uncommon, epic) that can provide additional hit, here is a list of the primary ones but you can use Wow Gem Finder for a full listing.

  1. Rigid Dragon’s Eye (+34 Hit) JC Only
  2. Rigid King’s Amber (+20 Hit)
  3. Glinting Amerite (+10 Hit, +10 Agility)
  4. Accurate Amerite (+10 Hit, +10 Expertise)

While all of these gems are viable options, the amt of gear with hit on it is pretty limited so you will most likely be forced into using straight hit gems.

Hit Gear Options

Next, lets look at what gear in 3.3 has hit and what choices we actually have. To do this, we can use wowhead and the ever so useful filters which brings us down to this list here. This creates a list of 11 items that provide hit, basically one item per slot. It seems like a lot of choices but its not once you consider:

  1. Kitty Kats want 4pt10, which essentially eliminate 4 choices immediately
  2. Every item that has hit, has no Armor Penetration which makes the tradeoff very tough

So with that being said, lets get to work on what slots work best for hit. First, lets piggyback off Kalon’s work on gear weights for cats which essentially outline that gloves are the best offset item and your other four slots (helm, shoulders, chest,pants) are the most optimal for 4pt10. As such that means four items from the list above are immediately eliminated and unfortunately there are no gloves with hit either (bummer). In addition, Wodin’s Lucky Necklace is a BOE trash drop so I’m going to exclude this as well as the liklihood of this dropping is not high. That then leaves us with the following options:

  1. Cloak – Shawl of Nerubian Silk – (41/48)
  2. Ring – Band of the Bone Colossus – (54/62)
  3. Ring – Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance (59)
  4. Neck – Precious’s Putrid Collar – (55/62)
  5. Waist – Soulthief’s Braided Belt – (46/54)
  6. Weapon – Hersir’s Greatspear – (53/52)
  7. Weapon – Shaft of Glacial Ice – (88/92)

*I’ve linked all the non heroic versions but I’ve included both (normal/heroic) hit amounts*

Rarren’s Personal Thought Process

I’ve somewhat made my decision on how to approach this and I’ll give you my logic on what fits best for my situation. Here are my stipulations on how I eliminated gear choices.

Based on these two criteria, I am down to 3 choices:

  1. Ring – Band of the Bone Colossus – (54/62)
  2. Neck – Precious’s Putrid Collar – (55/62)
  3. Waist – Soulthief’s Braided Belt – (46/54)

The easiest way to make this decision is base it on ilv. Both the neck/waist are from 10 man and the maximum ilv is 264 whereas the ring is from 25 man and its maximum ilv is 277. The ring also drops from Marrowgar which is the first heroic boss so the liklihood of obtaining this ring should be quite high. This should give you a total of 59+54+16+20 = 149 hit which is still 81 hit short of 7%. Since I am a JC this is where I’ll start using Rigid Dragon’s Eye. 34 x 2 = 68 which is just enough to put us at 217 hit or 6.60%. In terms of where to fit these yellow gems, naturally we want to fit them into slots that will grant us the socket bonus and there happens to be 2 yellow sockets that grant +6 agility socket bonuses (Chest/Pants or Gloves).

This to summarize means we have 2 hit items + 2 hit gems + 2 hit enchant which brings us close to the hit cap. It also should keep you very close to the arp cap as well and with heroic ilv 277 gear both caps should be reached easily.

Making Your Decision

Again, here are some general questions you should ask yourself when making your choice:

  • Are you a Night Elf (7%) or Tauren (8%)
  • Are you a Jewelcrafter?
  • Do you have access to 10 and 25 man gear?
  • Do you have access to heroic 10 and 25 man gear?
  • Do you value hit capping (lag/fps) more or less?

Lets use a mock example to illustrate a different approach. Lets assume I’m a moo-moo cow (moooo) and I have access to only normal 10 and 25 man ICC (excluding Arthas) and I have good fps which makes me not value hit capping as much and I am not a jewelcrafter.

This means we now have 59+53+54+12+20+60 = 258 hit or 7.84%


Every person’s situation is different and as such a different thought process should be used, there is no end all be all “BIS”!

My choices are very specific to my play style, professions, gear options, aesthetic preferences. I strongly believe there is no right or wrong answer. Quite frankly, even if we were to find the most optimal set of gear (“BIS”), how often does a player actually hit their theoretical maximum on a regular basis? The beauty of 3.3 is there is choice and you can make different decisions and essentially come up with the same results/output.


14 Responses to “Hit Gear Choices for the 3.3 Kitty”

  1. 1 chckenmcbndy March 10, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    Had a bad feeling when I passed up the Marrowgar ring since I have Frostbrood Saphire Ring. I now feel stuck with Precious’s Putrid Collar for the +hit. Not sure if you left it out on purpose, but, I also went with +20 hit to gloves enchant. Looking for anywhere I can give up a non-armor pen stat to stay in the 7% range.

  2. 2 Anonymous March 10, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    Just curious, if everything worked out as you mentioned in your article, where did that put ur arm pen at?

    What are your thoughts for using the old lvl 70 head enchant for the +16 hit?

  3. 3 Vallen March 10, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    @chkcenmcbndy – I could say I left it out but quite frankly I just forgot about it. Its definitely a good option since you’re essentially trading 20 agil for 20 hit. Saves you 1 extra slot for 20 arp.

    @anon – This I did jot down to include but didnt. Its an interesting choice (50ap+20crit vs 34ap+16hit). Considering once you’re sitting heavy on ICC gear you should be getting close to the crit cap. Again 16 hit is enough to save you 1 more arp slot so definitely worth considering (I might change tonight).

    Thanks to both of you for the input!

    As for your question about where my ARP is at, if I make the following adjustments:

    1) togc25 cloak
    2) sind 25 neck (264)
    3) putricide belt (264)

    Using +34 hit JC gems x 3 (in yellow sockets) + 1 nightmare tear (in put belt blue socket) + arp across all other slots. I would be sitting at 1331 ARP. If I have the arp food (+40) then I’ll be sitting at 1371 which is 98% capped. Once I pickup some 277 gear I should be over the cap. I’ll probably have to adjust some gems another stat (agil/str/haste/exp?)

  4. 4 Vallen March 10, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    Updated the post, thanks for the input

  5. 5 Anonymous March 10, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    Another option to consider would be heroic Planestalker signet? It’s basically the same as Lord Marrowgar’s ring, but you’d be getting arp over haste, as besides these stats, they are basically the same.

    • 6 Vallen March 11, 2010 at 12:44 am

      Its definitely not the same! Here is the wowhead comparison of the two items. http://www.wowhead.com/?compare=47934;50604 As you can see, there is a huge raw stat difference which naturally should happen as its a 245 vs 277 item.

      Naturally if you are mixing in 3.2 gear you will also have lots more choices to fill your hit slots but for the purpose of this post I was trying to think long term when all TOC gear would be replaced by ICC gear

  6. 7 Bear Pelt March 10, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    Thank you for making this post! I believe a lot of ICC raiding cats are feeling the same dilemma with not as many choices for hit gears as in the TOTC days.

    It’s so hard to give up ArPen for hit, but if one can’t even land a hit, there isn’t much point in ArPen anyway! Using the WoWhead profiler to simulate and balance out stats has helped me a lot, and now am just waiting for that Sack of Wonder to drop to trade some older expertise and hit gear off 😀

    /showers you with cookies~

  7. 8 chckenmcbndy March 11, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    @ Bear Pelt

    Problem I noticed on kitties going for the Sack of Wonder is you will be over budget on expertise paired up with the tier legs and 2/2 Primal Precision.

    Made me facepalm when I checked the armory of the feral dps (has Sack of Wonder chest) in the top alliance guild on my server and he’s rocking 299 hit/32 expertise. That’s a hell of alot of wasted stats.

  8. 9 chckenmcbndy March 11, 2010 at 1:48 pm


    Ugh, bad choice of words saying “I noticed”… Credit to Kalon as I remember reading it in his article on what is the best non-tier piece to equip.

    • 10 Vallen March 19, 2010 at 11:20 am

      Ill have to agree with chcken here,as a dps kitty you dont want to get sack of wonder. A bear yes but not a kitty.

      You’ll be way over exp cap and you really don’t need it

  9. 11 Chew March 18, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    An option I went with that others who may be a long time coming before they can get a LK weapon is to go with the cryptmaker. Thats what I decided to go with as it’s very easy to obtain (hunters don’t want it, dk/paly/warriors all grab a shadows edge), and offers hit and armpen. With it in a mid range progressed guild I manage to stay just below the hit/exp cap while only using 2 hit/exp gems and the boot/glove hit enchant. I’m also just over the armpen cap when using food/elixir.

    I’m curious why everyone would chose an agi weapon over a str weapon. Making the assumption that most ferals are using a dc/heroic dc as one of the trinkets and either the 245 or 264 idol they should be over the crit softcap anyway making str a better choice for your weapon as it provides more ap which is boosted by talents.

    I don’t have a direct link, but you can armory chewtoo on mug’thol for my setup or look for Delusion Mug’thol on WOL. I can pull 11k+ on fester and 10k+ on saurafang with this setup which should be easily attainable by any raiding feral.

    • 12 Vallen March 19, 2010 at 11:19 am

      Good points, I will counter with the following:

      1) Cryptmaker is definitely something that DK and Warriors would both want. It depends on your spec.

      2) It’s designed more for dk/warriors vs ferals. I would not take it over one of them in my guild, in the same respect as I would not want a hunter to take our weapons over us first.

      3) You may be over white crit cap but you definitely are not over yellow crit cap. Also DC/DV is still a proc and doesn’t have a 100% up time so you want more crit. Same logic as why hard capping arp is better than soft capping arp.

      I think Cryptmaker is definitely a viable solution. Considering that most guilds (even mid range) have most content on farm by now a cryptmaker may become available to you and if it makes sense go for it.

      • 13 Arrenvale April 17, 2010 at 6:32 pm


        You seem to be under the impression that Hunters would actually defer to us when it comes to rolling for staves and polearms. I have yet to see this be the case, even after arguing countless times that a staff/polearm is a direct upgrade to our dps as opposed to a hunters. Therefore, i have no compunctions about rolling and spending oodles of dkp to get cryptmaker when it is a serious upgrade for me. I need a weapon too, and with all the hunters out there i actually have a better chance of getting the mace!

      • 14 Vallen April 18, 2010 at 10:19 pm


        I believe that people should do the right thing. Naturally that doesn’t always happen and that’s probably why I used the togc10 heroic polearm for about 2.5 mths before I got a oathbinder. However that’s what I believe in and that’s how I play. I would never take a cryptmaker over a war/dk that wanted it but that’s just my personal style.

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